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There’s much more to corporate tours than just meetings and conferences. A well rested teamperforms wonders in the battlefield. Corporate tours are a way to unwind and relax from all thehustle and bustle. From leadership training to team building exercises to pulling off all-nighters,corporate tours revives the teamspirit in a true way. With Travel & Tape, get ready to experience a business tour like no other. Our team is experienced in MICE, with expertise in managing Domestic

and International travel Incentives, Corporate team offsites, Business conferences and Events. Having visited 20+ countries and travelled with 50+ groups, our team of dedicated, enthusiastic, and friendly travel experts leave no leaf unturned to make sure you have a hassle-free and most comfortable travel experience.

Corporate trips corporate trips


Corporate trips corporate trips


Team engagement


Sightseeing & excursions


We design itineraries according to the area of interest of the Corporates. Here are some of the top most visited Indian and Foreign cities for a MICE tour.

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