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5 pm ,Aug 17 : Jharkent, Kazakshtan : I now knew how to read restaurant ,hotel and motel in Russian. We ( me , Yair and his Girlfriend ) reached the reception of a small peaceful motel, The friend of receptionist was an insanely gorgeous women .

The night that I almost got Enganged,I almost got Enganged

We thought she was getting ready to head to a party.8 pm : We went out to a mosque nearby , the only thing to see in this unlit small town and came back around 8pm. The pretty lady was still there and she walked us to the nearby supermarket which also had an adjoining restaurant behind it. I love these setups, you have an ample of choice : from the restaurant and from the supermarket.After few failed attempts to order what we want , the owner , an old lady took us to kitchen and we actually saw what was made and placed the order.

We ordered Kompot and chicken Russian.

There was a little kid who was probably looking for someone to play with. We , jobless and bored, started playing with the kid . He was the grandson of the hotel owner.

Once our food was served , we of course forgot about the kid and went for the plates.The kid walked towards us, sat beside me and held my hand and started calling me papa .

He was probably only 2 years old so I acted along . The hotel owner sat with us, explained us each dish and had so much to ask about india.

9 15 pm : With the little Russian we knew, we thanked the super generous restaurant owner and walked out playing with the kid again. My friend from Israel ,was trying to hold a conversation with the lady .he was trying to keep me also in the loop by translating it to me. And then he said the most shocking request I heard in weeks :“ Bro, she thinks you will be a good father for her daughter’s 2 year old . she thinks you and her daughter should get married. I don’t think they are joking too “

9 17 pm : For about 5 seconds , me and 2 year old’s mom intriguingly stared at each other before we gave each other an obligatory smile . She looked like a anime character with silver bobbed hair and strikingly countered cheeks

From 1 hour of dinner to a wedding and a kid. That would have been the fastest I would have rushed back to motel, any night .

We were thinking of coming there next day for breakfast too, but not anymore I guess.

10 pm : We all went to sleep that day early and Yair texted at midnight from next room :Bro , Do you realise that we are in a brothel.

I just saw a lot of men going out.

That explain the gorgeous women too.

We all had some laugh next day ( Yair’s room was closer to her room ) .

We started our journey from there early in the morning. More stories of Kazakstan coming up soon

Made with in the mountains | © 2023

Made with in the mountains | © 2023

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