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10 Best Things to Do in Kazakhstan for a Wonderful Adventure

In this blogpost, we’ve shortlisted the 10 best things to do in Kazakhstan for every kind of traveler to make the most of their Kazakhstan trip. Add these activities to your bucket list and start exploring them.

The ninth-largest nation in the world, Kazakhstan provides tourists with stunning and distinctive sites so they can spend their vacation perfectly. One of the best locations in the world for historical education is this one. It features hills that are both rugged and steppe-like, which may readily draw tourists. 

Although it may have contributed to its globalisation, the Kazakhstan of today is very different from the Kazakhstan that Borat presented to us. An area the size of Western Europe, covering a million square miles, is home to numerous multicultural, thriving metropolises, evolving scenery, and natural history.

As always, if you're thinking about going to explore Kazakhstan, you're going to make the best choice of your entire life. In this article, we’ve mentioned the 10 best things to do in Kazakhstan that you must do to make the most of your Kazakhstan trip.

5 Interesting Facts About Kazakhstan

  • Kazakhstan’s border is the longest one in the world.
  • The ethnic diversity in Kazakhstan is one of the richest.
  • The largest landlocked country in the world is none other than Kazakhstan.
  • One of the best tourist places, Kazakhstan has five UNESCO sites. 
  • Wonder what the national drink of Kazakhstan is? It’s horse milk.

Why Should You Visit Kazakhstan?

The one of the most sacred places in Islam is Kazakhstan. The world's one of the biggest mosques, the world's tallest prayer chamber, and the greatest assembly of people in one place are all found there.

With so much fantastic information about this intriguing country to learn. Kazakhstan is worth a visit as it is not only a great place to educate yourself about cultural and ethnic diversity but it also possesses an amazing heritage, a rich history and a pious inclination towards the religion of Islam.

10 Best Things to Do In Kazakhstan

Below are the best things to do in Kazakhstan that you must do to make the most of your Kazakhstan trip.

Sharyn Canyon (Charyn Canyon)



Kolsai Lakes

Astana Opera

City Park

National Museum of Kazakhstan

Pyramid of Peace and Conciliation

Medeo-High Mountain Skating Rink


1. Sharyn Canyon (Charyn Canyon)

Meghalaya Wildlife

This location lies near the Chinese border in the valley of the Charyn River. While it is not as deep as the Grand Canyon, its sides and hues give it a more seductive and lovely appearance.

One may simply go river rafting and have a good time over the holidays. Definitely taste the beshbarmak when you go there, which consists of boiling beef and broad noodles.

Exploring Charyn Canyon is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Kazakhstan especially if you are an adventure lover. So, what are you waiting for, just add it to your bucket list and start exploring.

  • Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Best Time to Visit: June-September
  • Famous For: Its amazing noodles and river rafting.

2. Burabay

Burabay Kazakhstan

The region of North Kazakhstan is a special one, with hills covered with fragrant pine trees and lakes with a deep blue colour. It has been a protected area since 1898 and provides a home to many diverse animals.

For those who enjoy trekking and several other adventure activities, this is the ideal location. You will be able to experience sightseeing very differently thanks to the rocky slopes and the lovely air.

Aqmola area, where Burabay is located, is a stunning and wealthy old territory of ancient people. It extends across the north of the republic.

People have been drawn to this area from the beginning of time because of the fertile soils, numerous rivers and lakes, wide meadows, rich metal resources, bountiful gifts of the forests, and abundance of game animals and fish.

  • Location: Aqmola Region, Kazakhstan
  • Best Time to Visit: Autumn and Winter
  • Famous For: The beautiful greenery and lakes it has and adventure activities.

3. Baikonur

The Soviets built the Baikonur Cosmodrome, a space launch facility, first as a missile test site but quickly upgraded to incorporate a launch pad for spacecraft.

It now allows delighted tourists to have a tour all around museums and perhaps even, under customised facilities, see a take-off from the only launch pad throughout the earth that can still deliver humans to the International Space Station.

It is the ideal location for people to gather knowledge about a variety of space-related topics. It is located next to a desert.

It is among the best locations for those who want to learn and accurately further details about spacecraft and the history of spaceflight. You can visit the museums to see the original works of art.

  • Location: Bank of Syr Darya River, Kazakhstan
  • Best Time to Visit: Springtime
  • Famous For: Its excursion location and spacecraft hub. 

4. Kolsai Lakes

Meghalaya Weather

It is a lovely lake that welcomes guests with open arms. By eating lunch close to the lake, all first-time guests may enhance their experience and make it more memorable. Following your excursion to the lakes, you will be transported to the townspeople's favourite locations for shopping and special item purchases.

In contrast to the rush of city life, the Almaty region's glistening lakes provide a serene, natural experience.

The most well-known of the four large lakes, Lake Kaindy, which was created by an earthquake in 1911, is situated at a different elevation than the other three.

  • Location: Kolsai Lakes National Natural Park, Almaty Region, Kazakhstan
  • Best Time to Visit: May to October
  • Famous For: Its peaceful environment and scenic beauty.

5. Astana Opera

Meghalaya Weather

Among the most beautiful aspects about this area is the sound. This place features a particularly eye-catching colour combination of red and golden.

One of the greatest spots in Astana to view any show is absolutely this one. Also, the prices are reasonable so that people may readily purchase the tickets and enjoy the shows.

You will be stunned by the exquisite décor and the legendary performances. The audience adores the opera performance. If you want to spend a romantic evening in luxury, come here.

  • Location: Dinmukhamed Qonayev St 1, Astana, Kazakhstan
  • Best Time to Visit: Throughout the Year
  • Famous For: Its mind-blowing performances and the beautiful sound it carries along.

6. City Park

Meghalaya Tour

The finest location to view the various government buildings is there. The oasis that is situated between presidential locations is easily accessible to anyone who likes to walk along the trail.

Despite this, there are many monuments where you may learn about the history. The park is sizable, and the region is a wonderful addition to the city's urbanised area. All of the city's notable landmarks will be visible to you.

  • Location: Near North Kazakhstan Province, Kazakhstan
  • Best Time to Visit: July and August
  • Famous For: The landmarks this place possessed and the historical monuments at this location.

7. National Museum of Kazakhstan

Meghalaya Trip

This museum provides all the in-depth knowledge on Kazakhstan's history. Also, it features a flawless layout that makes it appear more alluring to tourists. There are also stores that provide a nice selection of Kazakhstani crafts.

Those who desire to discover that past, and also the perspective regarding Kazakhstan, must attend to this trip. You would undoubtedly enjoy the illusion wings that it has as well.

  • Location: Tauelsizdik Ave 54, Astana, Kazakhstan
  • Best Time to Visit: Throughout the Year
  • Famous For: Its vast collection of crafts and the artistic and cultural values it promotes.

8. Pyramid of Peace and Conciliation

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The park, together with rocks and greenery, surrounds this pyramid symbolising peace and healing. It is one of the greatest spots where people might sit and enjoy quality time.

There are several chambers and images of monuments inside the structure. Every three years, a religious summit is hosted in this building among the delegates of different religions.

Embracing the world’s religious faiths, the Palace features academic institutions, a national center for Kazakhstan’s numerous geographical and ethnic groupings, and a 1,500-seat opera venue.

  • Location: Astana, Kazakhstan
  • Best Time to Visit: Throughout the Year
  • Famous For: The historic and political importance of this place makes it famous.

9. Medeo-High Mountain Skating Rink

Meghalaya Trip

The Medeo high mountain skating rink is the highest in the world and is situated at 1700 metres above sea level. It is situated in Almaty, the country's old capital, and it still hosts a variety of thrilling winter sports competitions. In order to fully appreciate the movement, it's among the best things to do in Kazakhstan in winter.

In current time the services of skating rink have greatly grown. Various competitions such as football, volleyball, basketball, and short-track competitions are hosted here.

At the Medeo sport complex, athletes, sportsmen, fighters and boxers conduct their meetings. There are eateries, coffee shops, and a swimming pool close to the ice stadium as well.

  • Location: Gornaya St 465, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Best Time to Visit: October to April
  • Famous For: Its fun and adventurous activities that tourists can choose for.


Meghalaya Trip

Just at the bottom of the emerald Tien Shan ridges, Almaty is one of the most picturesque cities and is referred to as a "garden city."

In April, when the southern suburbs are blanketed in blossoms of apples, apricots, and cherry orchards, the city becomes a wonderful picture. Almaty stands out from other cities thanks to its stunning green clothing and the expansive mountain view.

The five climate zones of exotic Almaty tourism may be experienced by visitors in one day. Go on a journey from the scorching desert to the never-ending snows. The diversity of tourism in this area benefits from the natural beauty of the area.

Almaty is frequently the first destination for vacationers. This region has an incredible variety of landscapes, from dry deserts and picturesque gorges to lush valleys, ice peaks, stunning glaciers, and azure lake.

  • Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Best Time to Visit: June to September
  • Famous For: Beautiful terrains, spectacular view and an amazing combination of thrill and peace. 

Conclusion - Best Things to do in Kazakhstan

There are numerous hidden wonders in the land that will leave you in amazement. The greatest part is that Kazakhstan's tourism industry is still very small, so you won't have to share its stunning locations with many other tourists.

This enormous Central Asian nation should be on your travel bucket list if you're an adventurous person who enjoys discovering new, fascinating, and gorgeous places.

Now, our guide on the best things to do in Kazakhstan comes to an end. Hope you have got an idea of what things you should add to your bucket list, haven’t you?

FAQ - Best Things to do in Kazakhstan

1.What are the best places in Kazakhstan for couples?

The best places in Kazakhstan for couples are Astana Opera, Almaty, Koisal Lake, Medeu High Mountain Skating Rink, First President’s Park, Gorky Central Park, City Park and Lake Kaindy.

2.What are the best places in Kazakhstan for solo travellers?

The best places in Kazakhstan for solo travellers are Altyn Emel National Park, The Botanical Garden, Esentai Mall, Central Park of Culture and Rest, Monument to Khan Kenesary and Nurzhoul Boulevard.

3.What are the best places in Kazakhstan for adventure lovers?

For adventure lovers, the best places in Kazakhstan are Shymbulak Mountain Resort, Kolsai Tour, Ile Alatau National Park, Kok Tobe Hill, Lake Issyk and Burabay.

4.Which month is best to visit Kazakhstan?

The months of April-May and September-October are the best time to have a visit to Kazakhstan.

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