Unlike others and like some I wanted to xplore some place on my own. I have had trips with family and husband and friends in the past but this time I wanted to experience something different. My search about a back pack trip, on Facebook, insta. Googling and taking references from friends got me to this space of wanderers lead by this man in orange jacket. A truely mesmerizing individual with all the warmth  and care for others in him. He was an enabler to my perfect bhutan trip. It was my birthday and new year and I enjoyed every bit of it. The trip was so well planned and optmised for the monies you  invested. Vyshak was just not  the organiser busy in completion of itenerary. He was in a spree of shifting  our travelling experience, collaborating the group to form some rich and thick bonds, organising mafias in the night, connect and lailas(song 🎶) in the our hopping rides,  birthday surprises of traveller  and now friends on the trip, throwing a rolling new year eve & escorting slaushed ones to the doorsteps with ,and ensuring the smooth hiking of every body on the tigers nest.  Yes he was busy in all this.. And to no surprise he started preparing for his next trip to chandrashila pass by catching some sleep on our back journey to India from bhutan. There are few who find there happiness in spreading happiness and u are one amongst them... One who has successfully answered back worthy questions of life. Thank you is just not enough vyshak. I am glad to have met you. Want to xplore many more such places with you... You are awesome ! And yes the 5yrs letter writing plan is super fun.


This review was long due. I went for my first trek with One in the orange jacket in July for the Kashmir Great Lakes trek. It was not one of the easier treks and I had not gone trekking before. As we finally approached the first day of trek, my mind was going crazy. I was having second thoughts on whether I will able to do it. Vyshakh told me I will be able provided I exercise regularly the month before. I obliged. Finally on the day of the trek, we met our trek leader Laxman at Srinagar. He guided us on how we can complete the trek in most efficient and safer way. Without his constant pushing us through the difficult sections and providing positive reinforcements during regular intervals, I’m afraid many of us wouldn’t have made it. Apart from that it was my first experience where I had to bond with so many strangers and live inside tents and stand in line for breakfast. All of it was made so easy and so much fun by the orange jacket team and now I’m definitely looking forward to going for Annapurna base camp trek later this year.


Traveling with Vyshakh is super fun. He is not just a superb organisor but an awesome human being as well. I had been to my very First trip with him to Bhutan and I am still awe struck. The whole journey was filled with so much fun n excitement which is difficult to describe in words. we had 5 birthdays on the trip n Vyshak had ensured he planned each birthday and is celebrated uniquely in a unknow land, which was truely amazing. Going on trip with Vyshak you are rest assured to be in happy space throughout. He has that zest to creat small moments in your life which you will be carrying with you forever like strolling around deserted roads to find perfect place to cut the cake, sitting by the river (which is not part of the iteanery), to new year celebration to having long night sessions of Mafia n connecting in the bus to assuring thay he is there for each one of us... all this is just the part of the unsaid iteanery. Just awaiting for the next trip together... As he always says "See you in the mountains".


When I join his trip , I know that this escapade is going to be entertaining! I usually Never have to see the his itinerary , I am sure it would be more amazing than mentioned. My anxiety usually takes a backseat as I certainly meet some amazing people like him on all his trips. In last one year and one month I have traveled 6 locations of which 4 with Vyshakh and choosing a particular favourite moment would not be easy. Spiti, an ideal trip, meeting most wonderful and favourite people on the trip. Every day in beautiful landscape, having breakfast in the lap of mountains, star gazing or crossing treacherous routes. We certainly did become a travel family! On this trip there was this one day, we were in Tabo and two of us didn’t go up to a gompa. And Vy was so upset about it I could just see it. I asked him twice you seem off and he said no it’s sun (sitting in shade). I realised later that he was upset cause two people in group missed on something. He is so attached to the trip and the experiences and people in the group that he doesn’t like someone missing out something so basic. I felt bad for letting him down. You can see joy on his face when everyone experiences what has brought joy to him. He will make you climb a unnamed hillock so that you get the best view. He can be confidant and life coach. Personal achievement of high altitude trek, it being possible only because of Vy. Reaching Chandrashila summit, with 360 degrees of Himalayas all around was simply dream come true.


If you are reading this than you are about to make a decision you won't regret! Are u looking for adventure? Do you want to go on a trip not to just relax but explore, gain learn, experience and meet new people? Don't think just go for it!! I came across Vysakh and team through Instagram and had my eye on the Meghalaya itinerary since 3 months :D. Got connected with Vysakh and Tasneem on WhatsApp and after asking too many questions (I was scared initially though since it was my first trip with strangers) I booked my trip for Nov 2021. To start with, Orange Jacket has detailed itinerary on its website for each trip including the trip cost which every organizer never disclose in their itinerary.

I met incredible people on my 8 days trip to Meghalaya from different states of India. We experienced 16 Kms trekking, Went to unexplored places - Rainbow waterfall, Sacred Forest, Living Roots bridge, through villages, Caving, River Crossing, Kayaking, Camping, Local Khasi food, not to miss last day Party(also my deciding factor) 😀 apart from this Tasneem (our leader) had also promised us that we will get sexy legs @ the end of the trip!!!!! and we really had sexooo , toned legs becoz of all the hardwork 😀 I experienced all kind of emotions while being on 8 day journey away from civilization. I was happy, tired, surprised, strong, dancing, enjoying and learning more of myself.

If you are being lead by our beloved leader Tasneem get ready to laugh till your stomach aches she will tell you all kind of stories in her own sweet way hain na Tassss? :*

Just GoGoGo for it!!! Finally concluding my review with surreal pictures and planning soon to join Vysakh and Tasneem on another trip 😀

Shreya Somani

Never have I ever - met such an amazing group of strangers who felt like family and had a life-changing experience with them. Meghalaya wasn't magic just because of the destination, but a million other things played a part. The organization of the trip, the itinerary, the hierarchy of activities, maintaining of group dynamics, personal connections, etc etc etc and everything was just close to perfection thanks to our lovely and gorgeous Tasneem. The only thing not perfect about it was that it had to end! Well, all great experiences have got to end so you can go on the next trip (with One in the Orange Jacket, of course)!! All I wanted to do after my trip was book EVERY single trip they are doing. I know for a fact that all of them are unique itineraries and are going to give the best, most authentic and local feels. I cannot encourage you enough to go and build your own special memories with these bunch of people who are going to become your best friends because it's just the default way of how things work! Although even more importantly, you'll get a chance to find comforts and achievements in the most unfamiliar places that fills you up with soooo much energy and excitement, only to come back to your daily lives with so much more appreciation, gratitude and joy. And you get all this with a free best friends attached hahaa. Tasneem is the worlds most cute and adorable person who will never say no to anything you ask for unless you're asking to give up! She will stick with you till the end, pick up your things (pick you up if she can lol), and make you reach the finish line!! And once you do it, she'll be wayyy more excited and proud about it than even you yourself. It's just incredible to meet someone with so much love and giggles to give, and add to that, you can go on a trip with her anytime! I've not even had a chance to go on a trip or meet with Vyashakh yet and still it feels like I somehow know him and can totally ask for a favor at any time of the day, and he'll do his best to accommodate. More than the trip, please do not let go off the chance to meet such kind-hearted and high-spirited people. You'll have the most long-lasting laughs of your life with them and it'll leave you with a content smile every time you think about it.


It was our first morning in Tapovan, The land crisp and white with freshly fallen snow. The rest of the team were heading off for a day trek to the Meru base, but I chose to stay back because that had always been my goal. Vyshakh was very understanding about it - that's how he is. If safe and possible, he always lets you do your thing. Once alone, I made myself a day pack and set off on my own. I met Mouni Baba, an ascetic who lives in the mountains. He spoke very little in a voice soft from disuse and I was full of wonder at the life he was leading. He told me to go to a temple nearby, and so walked through the snow and rock for another half a kilometre. It was nothing more than an outcropping of rock with a Shivling and a Trishul on it. Some coloured ribbons from a time long past were tied to the Trident and fluttered in the wind. Standing there looking at the majestic mount Shivling rising to the sky behind it, I had an indescribable feeling - intense and choking. I felt tears breaking fee and I just let it flow down my face. Was it a spiritual high? Or was it for the sheer magnificence of the nature laid out in front of me and my utter insignificance in the scale of it? I don't know.I sat there alone and in complete silence with my mind blank and my eyes drinking in that sight. The shivling, those mountains and the clear blue sky. I will always be indebted to Vyshakh for giving me the gift of that moment.


I knew of Vyshakh longer before he knew me.. he was working with a friend of mine and i had heard a lot of good things about him before i even met him. My first trip with Vyshakh was Tawang and i think we can get someone to make a movie out of it! When i think of Vyshakh's trips the 3 things i know will be there is Extreme adventures, New experiences and a Lifetime of memories. Tawang was where #AntaraAurSnow came true. Seeing and playing in the snow for the 1st time was the best feeling.. I cant think of one favorite moment cos all my trips with him has been epic but one thing which showed his credibility was the time when the 8 of us were stranded in the snow in Tawang, i saw Vyshakh and somehow i was not scared anymore. He was packed with all the essentials(food, water, fist aid kit, etc) and asked us to just walk while he was thinking of a plan. He brings this calming effect over his ppl when something is not going right. U see him step up and u just know everything is going to be fine. Its very important to have a trip leader where the trippers and really rely on them with their insecurities.. Before even ending that trip we made plans for another and saw it through in a couple of months. I found my travel family on that trip which was awesome!! 😁😁 Vy, is one of my closest friends with whom i can share my deepest secrets.. He is a true friend. I'm in awe of your dedication and just super proud of what you have achieved. All the very best for the adventures to come. Cant wait for mine!!! See you super soon! 😘😘😘


when I think of a trip with vyshakh.The first thing comes into my mind is peace.I was going through a tough time and one of my friend suggested me go for trekking and she gave me vyshakh’s Number.and finally I could come for valley of flowers trek. And there I realised life is not all about cribbing.its very beautiful only we have to find the right way to see it. I found my peace,happiness there.i made amazing friends who are now friends forever😊 and most importantly I got a chance to meet a Man who is so passionate about his work Mr Vyshakh Nair. He works so hard to maintain his standards.he has the full knowledge about anything he does,fully ready for any situation during the trek.his plan A,B,C are always ready.so if you come with him for a trip or trek basically you need not to be worried about any small thing.Thankyou so much Vyshakh for being an amazing leader..Love to do more and more treks with you😊😊 I have done 2 treks with vyshakh so I have two favourite moments 1. In VOF when I reached Hemkund sahib.I was deadly tired but the moment I reached on the top and saw gurudwara sahib I forgot my Pain,physical and mental both😊I couldn’t stop my tears.the view was so beautiful the gurbani the environment positivity everything.i found my peace I was searching for.and the two words came out Thankyou Babaji 🙏 2nd Chandrashila trek, thou every moment is my favourite but I’ll share one when we reached deorital.in the evening we could still see the colours green brown red but when the next morning I gotup and came out from my room I couldn’t believe on my eyes.every where only white.i was confused is this real or a dream.my tensions sadness got vanished and I bachane a small kid who was just jumping here and there who was not bothered about anything in this world.and again two words came out Thankyou babji🙏 Thankyou so much vyshakh for doing this amazing work because of you I could meet myself.stay blessed and keep growing...


Well for me, He is that friend who brings in some sunshine to life when the sky is grey; He makes me believe in the better things in life, of all the stuff left for me to look forward and in the process love life a lot more ❤


 First thing which will come into my mind  when i am doing a trip with him is excitement and the comfort level  he give to us.He treated whole group like a family. He did not restrict us with timings and he made sure that we enjoyed at every place that we are going to visit by giving proper guidance before we visiting that place. The best part when i am  doing a trip with him is that he will always try to give the best within the limited facilities which are available . My best moments is when me and other trekking friend sat at the water falls at ghangaria in VALLEY OF FLOWERS trek because we almost sat about 2 hours at that place and remembered all the things from childhood 😅 and also  obviously mafia night's in one room with all together and i think we all will remember my first mafia game😜 😅(how i got out by making noise)


I have heard this several times but I realised the true essence of it when I came across our team leader who can be quantified as a real alpha. His integrity, sanity, being compassionate towards others treating them as peers and clarity of thought process, brevity in speech, maintains composure in difficult situations is worth absorbing. He reflects the idea of, “Be the king while break the sweat like a Jack.” The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. -Lao Tzu Yes, it is one lone step that takes us away from our sedentary self. Where life allows us to unleash ourselves from the oubliettes of confinement. Where fear factor is the solute and exhilaration is the solvent.

They say a few memories are embedded within our headspace forever that serves as crown jewel moments of experience. Every time we scout our memories there is a titillating sensation that raptures our soul. November 2018 The opportunity to forge a memory that would last a lifetime. I was dithering in first place playing with ifs and buts for it was my first solo trek with individuals belonging to a multitude of culture, ethnicity and occupation. But I finally gave in to my heart’s call and went for it. The trek was to Sandakphu with “The One in the Orange Jacket”. Our trek leader Vyshakh Nair was one of the front runners. Little bit of sweat, more of happy interjections, little bit of litmus test to my physique, more of proactive indicators. Though it was demanding in many ways challenging in every aspects yet it gave me a sense of all rounded fulfilment. August 2019 Don’t hide your weakness, kill them. Surrender yourself to the fury of your soul Throw open the trapdoors within yourself And you’ll find yourself wide awake. There is an reprise of every version. This being no different. After a memorable and game changing first trip I was all the more enthusiastic about my second one. So this time I was better prepared mentally and conditioned physically. I went again for the mountain trail, a happy escapade from the rigours of life. Those arduous climbs, those obdurate terrains made my journey eventful. The sheer configuration of the landscapes exuded a sense of jubilation within me. This time our destination was the Valley of Flowers. We traversed a substantial stretch and had a lot of wholesome experiences. The defining moments were like going to Hemkund on a Rainy day, making our way through the lazy locales of Mana interacting with people


Sense of Achievement, Tranquility and Awe of nature Describes our trip. The morning I witnessed the famed sunrise at Sandakphu Sky was glowing in vibrantly changing colors of red, orange and yellow…Within seconds, we saw the first ray of morning sun and the mighty sleeping Buddha slowly starting to lit up.…It was a heavenly sight to have the panoramic view of snow covered peak of Kanchenjunga glowing in warm delicate glow of sunrise


"I started my year 2019 with a trek with vyshakh, and by the end of it I knew I would do many more with him in this lifetime.. He is humble, down to earth , genuine, deciplined, fun , one who knows how to be a friend and a leader at the same time. He is passionate and driven towards what he does.. gave me memories of a lifetime... I would totally recommend him if one is planning for anything fun and adventure, given his unique itenaries... I wish you all the luck and success.. and I know for sure you would.. see u in the mountains soon ! loads of love and hugs.."


Whenever i have free time naturally i start to imagine about travelling and mountains. Last year i did my first trekking trip to sandakphu with 9-10 other members with the brand ONE in the orange jacket (Vyshakh Nair the trekk leader). I would say this was a special trek for me as i enjoyed the trek since i arrived at the airport where the whole group met and i think lot of credit goes to the group leader or the brand as Vyshakh has some special skills to connect to the group members and how all members  feel comfortable and connect well. As i said earlier i have actually enjoyed the whole trek but to be specific I'll choose first day at sandakphu when we did a small hike to see the sunset. That's really something stuck in my mind as it was first time i felt i am really close to the nature. That was an amazing experience as we were above clouds and experiencing the sunset from this beautiful place. If i think about trekking there's only one brand which comes to my mind. Would love to do 1 trek every year.


I have been on many trips with different leaders in the past, but Vyshak's trip was very special as the experience was a nice mix of professional, caring and a lot of fun. Mountains have a soul and it takes a different mindset to enjoy the climb. Sandhakpu will remain in my memory as a great trek. When trips become special it's also because of the people you travel with. Everyone I met were from different backgrounds. This made the trek interesting as we did have 2 experienced trekkers and it was super joy to pick up small tips like how to pack resourcefully, how to climb and learn small maneuvers to prevent injuries. How many times the trip leader reminded us to have a sip of water (You really cared for us). Thank you for the learning !!! In trips such as these, everyone needs their space to unwind, and to me you allowed that space for us. I will keep coming back on your trips for that very reason!

My favourite moment would be on the first day after the long drive when we reached Sandhakpu to catch the sunset. It was nothing short of heavenly. Feeling the chills, amidst the clouds, to see the bright orange sunset and the sky changing colours with the sun rays!! It was magical. That is the one moment I will keep going back to. The other moment was when we sat down in the quaint little house to drink tea and recover from the climb down 🙂 the hospitality of the people and just the conversation and laughter. We only got to know each other for 6 days but there we were sitting down and chatting like old friends who were all too familiar with each other and just sitting down and having fun. Thank you Vyshakh, You are simple and caring. That to me is your brand! Let me in on more travels. I am taking a break from work to find my joy and calling and would love to join you soon in your next trip!


Having done trips with other operators and own, trips with. Vyshak have their own identity. The Meghalaya trip might be a common one buy still there is ncihe added to it. It is a little offbeat, more towards natural set up, pushing your limits on one day and relaxing the next, a very well planned , fun , rejuvenating and boundary pushing trip 2. It is difficult to pick a moment as favorite, cliff jump and caving pushed my limits and the adrenaline rush they gave were of different high. The night camp at Dawkey under the stars with some soulful music , camp fire and talking to amazing people had its own mesmerizing experience. Just wanna relive all those moments


Few words ain’t enough bro to put together what you do, but I’ll go with Fun, Adventure and Peace ✌🏻. There are a variety of reasons to back it up but I’ll have to say whenever we are on-board, the thought of meeting random ppl and going to places we’ve never been to and sharing our stories makes it Uber cool. For example, sharing each other’s stories under a tent in Chandratal or playing mafia or having a drink on a bonfire night or last but not the least, singing Layla all throughout the trip !The fact that we know you have it figured out (from logistics to accommodation to food and whatnot ) even before the start of the trip makes it easier.


The 1st thing that comes to my mind about the trip, it being my very first ever solo trip/trek, (though I was later told it was no close to being a trek…grrrrrr), was this amazing experience of being able to spend those 8 amazing days with 11 total strangers from different parts of the country and the experience of knowing each other every single day as it passed by.

Every day started with the eagerness to explore what was in store for the day, and Tass(Tasneem)- Our Super Cute & Adorable task master, made sure we never came back disappointed.

Every day had its own share of teachings and experiences which are etched in our memories till eternity.

Ya and daily rituals to crack some lame Pj’s ,Creative ways to greet in mornings Hi 5’s and what not

It was Dramaticcc in every way.

Choosing a particular Favourite moment would be biased, considering the fact that every day had something amazing to offer.

But the trek through the cave was one of the most close to the heart event, brining lot of emotional aspects into play, appreciating what has been offered to you in this life and always have a sense of gratitude towards it.

But as I said it would be biased if I choose one particular moment, because every day was a test to challenge ourselves to explore the best of what nature had to offer.

And in the end, to Sum it up, the experience wouldn’t have been a spiritual detox, if Tass wouldn’t have managed everything the way she had, Meticulously, non judgmental, unbiased, unprejudiced. Not a single person was left out, or felt out of the herd.

Be it when the moods were high or low she was always there to lift up the spirits (Many a times spirits in liquid form too did lift up our moods 🙂 .

So ya I am so happy to proudly say that we were part of your very first Trek as main Lead.

Our Hi 5’s are going to be epic like Amar Prem( Aila, Oooima).

Uff I can go on and on about our so manyyyy dramatic snippets.

See you soon in the Mountains!!


ENCHANTING, THRILLING AND ADVENTUROUS is the only right way to recount my trek with Vyshak and this MAD group whom I now call family ❤️

I booked my slot just a week prior to the trek and my first question to Vyshak was- "Is there an exit route planned?"

"It's not the destination, it's the journey" makes perfect sense now. Vyshak knew exactly how to keep us all entertained throughout the trek that reaching the summit felt like a cake walk.

Warmest hugs on a rainy trek from the people I met for the first time, facetious remarks from friends I've known for over 7 years, beginning of new friendships admits the jungle, interesting stories and hilarious experiences from previous trips, lame conversations, the most entertaining games and ravishing falls are the memories I will always hold close to my heart from this journey!

From making us feel at home on our first day to arranging 'chai' for us at the summit, Vyshak surely knows the way to peoples heart!! His enthusiastic spirit, empathetic nature and perpetual positive attitude is what makes him the life of the party!

Each day was a learning, a new experience and an emotion I've never felt before. This trek was something I never imagined doing but now I'm eagerly looking forward to my next one with the "One in the orange jacket"🧡


City life often leaves most of us gasping for a breath of fresh air every chance we get and my trip with Vyshakh was everything a college student from Chennai could ask for. Our trip was taken care off from end to end right from our trasport from the airport to the food, medicines and other necessities. The Sandhakphu tea trail trek was a beautiful experience and every second spent in a place full of wonderful people and away from the social world was just refreshing. Sometimes I close my eyes and tell myself that I'm at the sunrise view point and the clouds are under my feet, everything just simmers down at the thought of it. Vyshakh's trips are a MUST for anyone who wants to experience something beautiful. I'm counting my days before I can go on a soul trip again.


Trips with Vyshakh = Mafia Nights + Stress-free travel + No “FOMO” (Fear of missing out) When my plan with friends didn’t work out, I saw Vyshakh’s post about New Year’s in Bhutan. I thought let me give it a try! And I am glad I did! Whenever I think back about this amazing trip, I think how seamlessly he managed to make us all comfortable and gel up right on the first night in Phuntsholing. I didn’t even once feel it was my first time with a random group trip all along! This is the essence and bonding he managed to create with all of us! Not to forget, the well curated and well-thought itinerary:) My happiest moment/highlight of the trip has to be our trek to Tiger Monastery. It was my first major trek and as the Monastery came closer in sight with each step of ours, I experienced this “incredible” feeling and realisation I could and want to do more treks! Looking forward to many more such treks with many more trippers and one in the orange jacket!”

Love, Nikita


The first thing that pops in my mind is to close my eyes so I can relive those moments we sat on the edge of a road to look down into the valley of floating clouds. That is usually when you’d find me, share some fun fact or tidbit you heard on a podcast, tell me a story or regale me with memories from our previous trip together. I think back to all that time we spent playing that word game while trekking and how much Val hated it even though she was really good at it. I miss pulling Gopala’s leg every chance we could get. There’s something about going on a trip with strangers because you open up in a way you never will surrounded by friends and family. On top of that we were in the mountains, so close to Everest that everything felt so big and yet so small all at once. Being in nature brings out the best in all of us. You help facilitate that and give everyone the space they need to grow and acclimatise, not only to altitude but also the group. Believe it or not my favourite moment was the bit that wasn’t even in the itinerary. The hike up to a nearby peak to watch sun set when we reached Sandakphu - it was magical. I was literally and metaphorically on cloud 9 and didn’t want to leave even though we were shivering up there in the wind. Thank you for ensuring we don’t miss it. I wasn’t kidding when I said if we had turned around and come back home that evening, I would’ve felt satisfied. Having said that I’m glad we didn’t and I got to witness first hand just how beautiful our home is. Can’t wait to get back out there with you.


It was actually a totally different experience for me as it was my first trek. It was super fun and found the best group. Me and my sister were planing a trip to take a break and found your chandrashilla trek and we found it really intresting. After booking it we were like "hum trek complete kr bhi payenge?😂". While on trek Vyshakh didn't let us feel that it is difficult, took care of the pack. The most amazing moment was the sunrise from sari and the whole 2-3 days of snowfall😍 and ofcourse the endless mafia nights 😊 There will be many trips to come in future 🤗


My first trip with Vyshakh and I would definitely say that I just want to keep on traveling with him. His group is just like a small family. He keeps everyone hooked up to his stories. Keep up the good work buddy 👍🏻👍🏻


When i book with a trip with him , I am Always excited to meet my travel family. ( the repeated trippers he gets ) , the late night Mafia sessions at some awesome location. Mostly Himalayas! and i know that my trip will definitely cover all the best of locations. (Because I'm a solo traveler and Photographer, a great itinerary is the most important thing to me) ​ It's really hard to pick one favourite moment. I mean how can I choose a favourite when I have to pick from moments like that crazy Blizzard in Tawang, the Chandrashila camping night, that haunted Yuosmarg guesthouse stay, the epic Spiti road-trip where we started by celebrating Minhaz's suprise bday then stumbled on my photo postcards and then finally ended the trip with my suprise bday celebration, and that mind blowing suprise by Antara on Andamans trip and our recent Kerala road-trip was just bonkers. It's been more then 4 years of my traveling out of which we have been traveling together on various trips for close to 3 years. And in these 3 years my travel family has only grown bigger and stronger.. the love and affection I've received from the people I've met on these trips is beyond words. And I'm so glad and proud that my mom is also a part of this travel family. She had such a great time traveling to Nagaland with you. I want to acknowledge your efforts. It takes an Insane amount of planning and preparation for any trip and to make sure that each of the participants are having a great and comfortable time. Thanks for a treasure chest full of memories. I just can't wait to go beyond borders with you.


It was super fun and found the best set of people which is exactly what i wanted from a trip My first favourite moment was when I met you at the airport and you called me "khomal". It was soo funny! 😂 I was just controlling my laughter. Any my second favourite moment ofcourse was my last day when everyone was drunk and I suddenly spoke that thing - ps: you know what 😂🙈


His trips are Dreamy, off beat destination, exciting and one of a kind experience with amazing people . My favourite moment has to be the one in which we completed the pradikshna around chandratal lake. This was my first trip to the mountains and I wasn't sure if I would be able to complete it in the cold. Although I was literally frozen by the end of it, I'm happy to have I completed it anyway. My second favourite moment has to be the one on the last day when we had the fishpond and we were all laughing because of that one note


I did Meghalaya trip With both of my sisters. Initially, I was very skeptical about going on a trip with an agency I have not even heard about. And after completing the trip our experience was life changing. Be it River Canoeing, Caving, trekking, camping in the river, literally, to name a few, every event was passionately planned and carefully executed. Learnt number of things personally from him. Now I wish I could travel places with 'One in the Orange jacket’ If I'm going with you, I know that A) Chosen place is interesting. B) Some surprise awaiting C) I just need to be on time at reporting place.. There are quite a few in just two trips... A) Caving....i have done caving earlier..but the one with you was speechless...I had never seen that darkness and calmness before... B) Camping at Umngot island...very unique experience...again...I have done many Camping...but waking up to thousands of birds sound... flowing river...and being at the bottom of huge mountains...those views of early morning fog I'll never forget... C) Tapovan base..What heavenly that place is..360° stunning views...and watching Meru right at it's base camp is something I don't anybody has done it...and ofcourse my first snowfall experience was cherry on the cake...❤ These are some of the experience I have shared...I can write thin book on whole trip/treks... Loved being there ..both the times..


There are so many memorable moments, the fun filled mafia sessions, river crossing in hampta, the neil night😜,the conversation in ghangria but if i were to pick one it would be the sunset at radhanagar beach.It was by far the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen.I still remember how reluctant I initially was to enter the water (you know why😂😂), but seeing you, minhas, amit, don everyone enjoying in those crystal clear waters I just couldn't stop myself and the next second I was with you guys, would definitely visit radhanagar beach once again and looking forward to having many more adventures with you.His trips are always adventurous , at offbeat locations and with group full of fun and crazy people


I Will always remember Mafia, Shuaib (what a guy to have on a trip) and my Birthday. Those were amzing times.

I think my favorite moment was seeing the sunrise on the annapurna massif. A moment of pure beauty and unbridled joy. Also because shuaib was there, i guess we never had a dull moment.


Every trip with Vysh, has been a different experience for me. Each beautiful in its own essence. One of the best things about Vysh is how he makes sure the whole group gets to mingle with each other and have one of the best few days, together as a family! 

This has lead to a huge travel family now, who can't wait to do trips/treks together! 

He with his calm an innocent face, will deal with every situation so patiently, and will always make sure everyone has the best time of their life at any cost! 

One of the best moments is us playing dumb charades at ABC, in negative temperature. No one wanted to get out of their blankets, but we played anyway with our faces and hands sticking out of the blankets. We had a ball, laughing till our stomachs hurt! 

Another one, is reaching the summit at Kedarkanta. Was my first summit ever. A friend and I were way ahead of everyone, and we were almost dead. We were just a little bit away from a summit and we didn't want to miss the sunrise. I didn't think I would be able to move one more step. But then, I thought to myself i made it so far, i can't miss it now.And a sudden spurt of energy came in me and I didn't stop till I reached up there. The view of the first rays of the sun hitting the horizon made it all worthwhile! Don't think I have ever had such a beautiful experience in my life!


Out of the many wonderful moments that I had on this trip I would like to keep the below 2 as my favourite memories of Meghalaya: 1: The jungle walk down to the mesmerizing Wei sawdong falls (Cherrapunji)...It was so much fun trudging down the woody path with a bunch of crazy new friends. It was a full Jungle Book feel. The falls were too serene and somewhere I connected deeply with it as this is the kind of place I would see myself in my deepest meditation mode. 2: The Cave ....this was my first caving experience and truly an enlightening one. It just made me affirm my love for nature and adventure. The best moment was the blackout time. Quite paradoxical but when my eyes were closed I saw so many things through my mind, but only a blank black space with my open eyes.....a feel of being in absolute presence....truly magical.


I will cherish the Experiences on our trip, the Warm people and of course you. The Amazing places we discovered by chance My favourite moment would be When you and I had a little talk about what’s going on in my head and You really cared for me throughout. You are a great friend to have. And of course the dzukou valley night, I survived and I’m proud of myself. Next time I’m coming with warmies for sure


I have 3 takeaways from his trips1. JOURNEY: well ofcoz it's about the trip, BUT for me; my first trip to spiti with you was a journey of self discovery and my second trip to Meghalaya was a journey where I learned I was much more stronger than I thought i was... LoL So I basically learn something about me in every trip 2. The transition of relationships of how strangers turn to ur family.. 3. Expecting unexpected experiences of a life time!! 2.Describe Your the favourite moment and your emotions behind it ?( think about why it was favourite and write on it ) 🎉🧡 Ohhhhh... Honestly I can go on and on.. the time I open my eyes to the time I shut them... every thing is something I cherish.... Plucking an apple of a tree n eating it, dancing under the stars, campfires, cuddling and giving neck massages to doggos, standing on the roof of a mud house and looking at the brilliant concoction of colours of the galaxy, walking the parikrama of the chandratal lake n talking non stop about future travels, supporting all the sleepy heads that bob around in the traveler, the walk to reach the living roots n the rainbow waterfalls, sitting on the rock and enjoying the sheer beauty of wei sawdong, my first caving experience and the blackout session there, the sheer sight of the pink cherry blossoms, the fresh breath of the mountain air, yummy khanaaa, PLAAAAYING CONNECT!!! LOL My list will never end... every moment is soo sooooo soooooo special to me... And I'm glad that a lot of them are getting done and ticked against my bucket list!! Traveling with #theoneintheorangejacket has been one of my best impulsive decision ever.... I booked 2 trips with him in 2 days even before I met him...and I thank ME for doing that!! From being a trek leader on day 1 to being one of my best buddies today...that's been our journey.. Vyshakh I have no idea how I found u...but I'm sooooooo glad I found u... Keep travelling, keep inspiring, More power to you 🙂 More travels till we are 50!! kyu nai kyu nai!!! 🤗🧡


He will make you laugh from the time you enter into the vehicle. Not even for a minute you would feel that you are among a bunch of strangers whom you are meeting for the first time. It was full 10 days of laugh therapy for us and he made us feel like a family who does everything together. Why would you choose him?? He is an amazing trek leader. He has this very unique itinerary which isn’t not so touristy. He is so confident about what he does. Throughout the trip you feel like you are in safe hands and someone is there to watch your back. He would push your limit in a very subtle way and take you to places which leaves you awestruck. He knows when to lighten up the situation as a friend and when to be strict as a responsible trek leader. He has millions of travel stories which he keeps telling during the trek. You just have to keep up of his pace. Most of the time I would be left with half stories. Thanks to my slow speed. 😂 Northeast was my all time favourite and when I saw Vyshakh’s post about Meghalaya trip, I immediately booked for it. Don’t let those Instagram follower counts discourage you( at least my friends tried to do that) . He proved himself 200 percent better in comparison to the trek leaders or group having double or triple time followers than him. My most favourite moment from the Meghalaya trip is the Mawryngkhang trek. When we reached the first cliff and saw the second cliff from the first one, i just said one line. "I don’t want to die Vyshakh 😅 " . Trust me the view of that second cliff was literally so scary. 😖 And then you were like come doctor, you can do it. Just be confident. Going till the second cliff was the best decision I had taken that day and feeling after reaching the second cliff was unexplainable. My other favourite moments were the 3500 plus steps trek to the rainbow waterfall, the unique caving experience at the Mawsmai cave and the trek to Wei Sawdong waterfall . Not to mention the gaming session everyday after dinner. No matter how tired we were, everyone would gather immediately after dinner at the designated place. Body part game used to be our favourite one. Thanks Vyshakh for this amazing trip. 💜💜It was the best trip I had so far


Vysakh and I met at Sandakphu trek ., We were parallelly trekking in different groups staying in nearby campsites. We had good catchup during the trek & became good friends learning that he runs his own trekking company. The name was catchy: One in the orange jacket I was curious to join one of his trips looking at his trip schedule .when I was seeking a matching day of his trip list I found Bhutan but missed my chance to go with him so i joined the Magnificient Meghalaya trip. Each of his trip itineraries looked unique in its day-wise activity I just saw a glance at the itinerary and decided to go in a whim.I am pre-bird to any trek or trip start so I landed in Guwahati a day earlier, enjoyed some good Assam cusines charging myself for the trip On the day when i finally met the group, Vysakh was busy bringing all our trip mates from the airport. I asked him to pick me on the highway.,awaiting at Khanpara seeking their arrival. we met as it freinds meeting after years but at the same time felt we just met last week. His intro to the fellow team was like , "you can identify this guy's voice and laugh from distance: meet Naren. Nice homestay was booked with good food at Shillong after visiting some part of the umiam lake. sacred forest and David Scott trail were at first-day hike from Shillong to cherapunjee, where he had a local friend guiding our hike towards the trail path. cherapunjee wasn't a homestay , it was home itself for our next 5 nights , his arrangements made us believe like we are at home We were roaming and playing around the place at our wish . Each day was well planned with gaps where people get ample time to recover from activity of the day. He even gave us a choice to change the itinerary or add any nearby which he can possibly arrange and go., which made us visit masawa falls.A small fall,no crowd, enjoyed bathing in extremely cold water. He went in first and we all followed. It was supercold. I see him in constant touch with every person from guides, kitchen staff, vehicle drivers in constant followup to get things ready before each part of the trip. Caving is something I never tried . caving was an all-around thrill of activity arranged with trained caving experts with safety equipments: The pre-arrangement by him for us . caving is an all around activity crawling,swimming,jumping,taking care of each steps in the dark cave where your headtorch is the only light source. We sat for 5 mins without the torchlights on and thats when i actually realised what darkness is.I enjoyed sitting in silence in dark caves meditating in silence, hearing water droplets was amazing. When he showed me a ray of small light coming from a small well sort of formation above the cave. It felt actually like the Batmans well. After being in the dark for so long "I yelled - 'Light of Hope' " it was such an amazing moment to see a lean light ray in such dark cave. He was observing each and every team member from mind to health on each activity.The next day , we went for River canyoning , were I was just jumping and playing in the water. I was never a swimmer but he gave mandatory life jackets to everyone . Even people with hydrophobia and breath issues did it completely. Vyshakh was very encouraging and so was his guides. They were helping us to learn and do every activity which I have never experienced in other trips. We fell in love with Rainbow waterfall and Nongriat. We just sat there happily exchanging our stories of childhood. He had good humbleness towards each local people he meet., catching up with them like friends. His surprise Mawryngkhang Bamboo trek was the best gift to us. Not spoiling it for anyone. Go do it with him. Dawki river camp was nice with locals singing in the campfire with a fine dine of Bangladeshi style of food .with a heavy heart and new friends we left Meghalaya. I wish to do more treks and overseas trips with my friend Vysakh (a) Orange Jacket . See you soon in the mountains my Friend.

Made with in the mountains | © 2023

Made with in the mountains | © 2023

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