Bhutan weather in June

24th February 2024

Bhutan Weather In June – Temperature, Climate, Best Time To Visit (2023)

Are you curious about to know the captivating Bhutan weather in June? If so, you’ve stumbled upon the right blog post.

With our extensive experience in leading group trips and our firsthand knowledge from our last visit, we’re here to provide you with valuable insights and tips to make the most of your Bhutan adventure.

So, let’s dive into the fascinating world of Bhutan’s weather in June and discover why this is a truly remarkable time to explore the Land of the Thunder Dragon.

Bhutan weather in June Bhutan Weather In June - Temperature, Climate, Best Time To Visit (2023)
Bhutan weather in june chart

Understanding Bhutan’s Weather in June

June marks the beginning of the monsoon season in Bhutan. The country experiences a shift in weather patterns with increased rainfall and occasional cloudy days. While the weather can be unpredictable, Bhutan’s natural beauty thrives during this time, offering lush greenery and vibrant landscapes.

Bhutan June Weather Forecast

The weather forecast for Bhutan in June indicates varying conditions throughout the month. Expect a mix of sunny, rainy, and cloudy days. The temperature can range from mild to warm, depending on the altitude and location within Bhutan. It’s essential to stay updated with the local weather forecast and plan your activities accordingly.

The Monsoon Season in Bhutan

June falls within the monsoon season in Bhutan, which typically lasts from June to September. During this period, the country receives a significant amount of rainfall, contributing to the country’s rich biodiversity and lush forests. The monsoon rains bring a refreshing change to the landscapes, making it an excellent time to explore Bhutan’s natural wonders.

Average Temperature in Bhutan in June

The average temperature in Bhutan during June varies based on the altitude. In the valleys and lower regions, temperatures can range from 15°C to 30°C (59°F to 86°F). However, in higher mountainous areas, such as Thimphu, the capital city, temperatures may range from 10°C to 20°C (50°F to 68°F). It’s important to pack layers of clothing to adapt to the changing temperatures and be prepared for occasional showers.

Rainfall in Bhutan during June

June is characterized by increased rainfall in Bhutan. The amount of rainfall varies across different regions of the country. In the southern parts, closer to the Indian border, rainfall can be more intense. In contrast, the northern regions, such as Punakha and Paro, receive relatively lesser rainfall. It’s advisable to carry a waterproof jacket or umbrella to stay dry during your explorations.

Weather Conditions in Bhutan in June

The weather conditions in Bhutan during June can be described as a mix of rain, sunshine, and occasional cloud cover. The mornings often start with clear skies, and as the day progresses, clouds may build up, leading to showers in the afternoon or evening. However, it’s worth mentioning that even on rainy days, the showers are usually intermittent, allowing for periods of outdoor activities.

Exploring Bhutan’s Climate in June

Bhutan’s climate in June is influenced by its geographical diversity. The southern regions have a subtropical climate, experiencing higher temperatures and more rainfall. As you move towards central and northern Bhutan, the climate becomes cooler, especially in the higher-altitude areas. It’s advisable to pack layers of clothing, including lightweight and waterproof options, to stay comfortable throughout your journey.

June Weather in Thimphu, Bhutan

Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan, experiences pleasant weather in June. The average temperature ranges from 13°C to 23°C (55°F to 73°F). Although rain showers are frequent, the city’s charm remains intact with its cultural landmarks, including the Tashichho Dzong and the National Memorial Chorten. Exploring Thimphu’s bustling markets and trying traditional Bhutanese cuisine can be an enriching experience during your June visit.

Tips for Traveling to Bhutan in June

  1. Plan your itinerary considering the weather conditions and be prepared for occasional rain showers.
  2. Pack lightweight and breathable clothing that dries quickly.
  3. Carry a waterproof jacket, umbrella, and sturdy shoes for comfortable exploration.
  4. Stay updated with the local weather forecast and adjust your plans accordingly.
  5. Embrace the natural beauty and lush landscapes that the monsoon season brings to Bhutan.

What to Pack for a June Trip to Bhutan

  1. Lightweight and breathable clothing (t-shirts, shorts, skirts, and dresses).
  2. Long-sleeved shirts and pants for cooler evenings.
  3. A waterproof jacket or raincoat.
  4. Sturdy and comfortable walking shoes.
  5. Sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses for protection against the sun.

Must-Visit Destinations in Bhutan during June

  1. Paro Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest) Monastery: Embark on a scenic hike to this iconic monastery perched on a cliffside.
  2. Punakha Dzong: Explore this majestic fortress, known for its beautiful architecture and serene surroundings.
  3. Dochula Pass: Enjoy panoramic views of the Himalayas and visit the 108 memorial chortens.
  4. Phobjikha Valley: Witness the stunning black-necked cranes and immerse yourself in the tranquility of this valley.
  5. Thimphu: Discover Bhutan’s capital city, home to cultural landmarks, museums, and traditional arts and crafts.

Enjoying Outdoor Activities in Bhutan in June

  1. Trekking: June offers fantastic opportunities for trekking amidst Bhutan’s lush landscapes. Popular treks include the Druk Path Trek and the Jomolhari Trek.
  2. Rafting: Experience thrilling whitewater rafting adventures in Bhutan’s rivers, such as the Mo Chhu and the Pho Chhu.
  3. Wildlife Watching: Explore Bhutan’s national parks and wildlife sanctuaries to spot rare species like the takin, snow leopard, and red panda.
  4. Cycling: Enjoy scenic cycling routes, especially in the valleys and lowland regions of Bhutan.
  5. Cultural Experiences: Attend local festivals, visit monasteries, and interact with Bhutanese communities to immerse yourself in the country’s rich cultural heritage.

Conclusion – Bhutan weather in June

In conclusion, exploring Bhutan’s weather in June offers a unique and captivating experience. From the lush greenery and vibrant landscapes to the occasional rain showers, this month showcases the true beauty of the Land of the Thunder Dragon. Whether you’re trekking through scenic trails, immersing yourself in cultural festivals, or simply enjoying the tranquility of the valleys, Bhutan’s weather in June sets the stage for unforgettable adventures. So pack your bags, embrace the natural wonders, and let the enchanting Bhutan weather in June take you on a journey like no other.

FAQs – Bhutan weather in June

Is June a good time to visit Bhutan?

Yes, June can be a good time to visit Bhutan if you don’t mind the occasional rain showers. The landscapes are lush and vibrant, and tourist crowds are relatively smaller.

What is the average temperature in Bhutan in June?

The average temperature in Bhutan in June ranges from 15°C to 30°C (59°F to 86°F) in the valleys and lower regions. Higher-altitude areas have cooler temperatures, ranging from 10°C to 20°C (50°F to 68°F).

Will it rain a lot in Bhutan in June?

Yes, June is part of the monsoon season in Bhutan, and the country experiences increased rainfall during this time. The amount of rainfall varies across different regions.

What should I pack for a trip to Bhutan in June?

Pack lightweight and breathable clothing, a waterproof jacket or raincoat, sturdy shoes, sunscreen, and a hat. It’s also advisable to carry layers of clothing to adapt to changing temperatures.

What are some popular attractions to visit in Bhutan in June?

Popular attractions to visit in Bhutan in June include Paro Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest) Monastery, Punakha Dzong, Dochula Pass, Phobjikha Valley, and the capital city of Thimphu with its cultural landmarks and museums.

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