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Dawki River : Things To Do & Costs

(Meghalaya's Magic)

Where is Dawki River?

Dawki is situated in the Jaintia Hills district of Meghalaya and is home to some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the state. It is the cleanest river in Asia and is a major attraction for tourists.

There are numerous things to do in Dawki-Umngot river, ranging from swimming and boating to fishing and picnicking.

The river is also a great place for bird watching, as there are many different species of birds that can be found in the area.

In this article, we'll cover all you need to know about visiting Dawki-Umngot river.

Things To Do In Umngot River (Dawki)

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The Dawki River is a great place to visit if you want to enjoy outdoor activities such as rafting, fishing, and hiking. However, visitors should be aware that it can get cold at night, so make sure to bring appropriate clothing.

Additionally, the cost of things to do in the area vary depending on what you want to do. 

Here are just some of the things you can do while in this beautiful part of Meghalaya: 

1. Float down the river on a bamboo raft or kayak.

There are bamboo rafts and kayaks that you can rent for hours and go floating around the beautiful river Umngot.

2. Walk along the banks of the river and try your hand at fishing.

The Umngot river has crystal clear waters and it is quite easy to spot fishes. You can walk along the banks, dip your toes into the waters and even try fishing on this river.

3. Camp under the stars and enjoy a refreshing dip in the river.

There are several camps located on the banks of the river. You can book with any of them and they will take care of your accommodation and food. You can start a bonfire, play music, cook or just enjoy watching the night sky.

4. Explore local villages and their traditional way of life.

The village of Dawki, and several other villages around it will give you an authentic experience of the Meghalayan culture. Interact with the locals and learn about their way of living.

5. Take a break at an idyllic waterfall.

There are several waterfalls in and around Dawki. You can go visit these refreshing waterfalls, which are not far away from each other.

6. Enjoy a meal sitting beside the river.

The Dawki river offers spectacular views, while you can cook and enjoy your food along with the views sinking in.

7. Eat traditional Meghalaya snacks such as tandoori fish and rice, or dahl chokka.

There are several restaurants and small food stalls which serve food for the tourists. You can find traditional Meghalaya food in these restaurants easily. Do try them out.

8. Visit some of the area's amazing rock formations.

You can find a number of gigantic rock formations with very unusual shapes around the Dawki village. These rocks have attracted a lot of trekkers in spite of having to trek long and treacherous paths. 

9. Hike through the jungle or mountain trails.

You can go for the bamboo trek near Dawki, which is one of the most famous activities in the Dawki region. There are also several other short hikes through the mountain trails that will add up to your Dawki adventure.

10. Go on boat rides on this tranquil part of India.

You can easily hire boats from the banks of the river and enjoy a lazy boat ride.

Why Is Dawki River So Clear?

dawki river

The Dawki River is one of the most beautiful and clear rivers in Meghalaya. It is also known as the 'Magic River'. The river originates from the south-east part of the state and flows northwards.

It passes through several villages before it joins the Brahmaputra River in West Garo Hills. The length of the river is about 160 kilometers. 

The Dawki river is well known for its clear waters. In fact, the Dawki river is so clear that it is often said to be one of the clearest rivers in the world.

The river's clear water allows for visibility of up to 40 feet. There are a number of reasons why the Dawki river has such clear waters.

One reason is that the Jaintia Hills are made up of granite, which is a type of rock that does not absorb water and the river has limestone bed that filters the water.

Another reason is that there are very few human settlements along the Dawki river. This means that there is less pollution in the river.

Best Time To Visit Umngot River (Dawki)

dawki river

If you are in Meghalaya, the best time to visit the Dawki valley is from March to May when the weather is warm and pleasant.

The other months are also good but weather can be unpredictable.

It would be advisable to visit during low tide so that one does not have to walk through deep pools or go through slippery rocks. The valley can be visited on foot or by hired vehicle.

Alternatively, you can also visit during the winter season, when the river freezes over.

How To Reach Dawki River?

The nearest airport is in Guwahati. You can reach Dawki river both from Guwahati and Shillong. It takes about 3 hours to reach Dawki from Shillong.

You can take a private cab or a bus to Dawki from the city of Shillong, which is roughly about 105 km.

If you are in Cherapunji, you can also take a private cab to reach Dawki river, which should take around 4 hours to reach.

Dawki River - Costs, Accommodation and Food

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If you hire a vehicle from Shillong for a return trip to Dawki river, the fare is around Rs. 3000 or above depending on the season. For one-way or sharing basis, the fare is around Rs. 300 for one person.

You can book packages for adventure activities in Dawki river, that incudes rafting, hiking, camping, etc. The cost of these packages vary a lot depending on the type of activities, services and the tour operator you're booking with. The price of the packages range from Rs. 3000. 

You can stay in camps overnight, which starts from Rs. 400 only, for accommodation in tents.

Apart from that, you can also rent boats starting from Rs. 300 per person, or Rs. 800 for a reserved boat.

So That's All About Dawki River For You

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There is so much to explore and experience while in Meghalaya that it can be hard to decide what to do first!

Whether you're looking for things to do on a budget or just want some ideas, read on for our top 10 list of things to do in Dawki River and the costs associated with each.

From hiking and skiing to birding and kayaking, there's something for everyone in this beautiful state!

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