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A One-Week Kazakhstan Itinerary for a Perfect Vacay

Looking for a memorable travel experience? This is a detailed One-Week Kazakhstan Itinerary for those who truly want to explore most of the Kazakhstan tourist attractions.

Kazakhstan, the 9th biggest nation and the largest landlocked country in the world is a tourism rich country. There are 14 provinces in Kazakhstan and each has its own distinctive attractions that are sure to be appreciated by visitors.

In the previous two centuries, the nomadic history that took place on these wide steppes changed into a sedentary way of life, yet remnants of it can still be seen in petroglyphs and the local mentality. 

Since getting its independence in 1991, Kazakhstan has distinguished itself with really distinctive cities, significant economic advancements, and a rapidly growing tourism sector.

Discover the best places to visit, things to do, and delicious local cuisine to try in this fascinating country. From the bustling city of Almaty to the scenic Charyn Canyon, there's something for everyone. 

In this blog post, we’ll talk about the 7-days Kazakhstan itinerary that will give you a perfect glimpse of the actual Kazakhstan. But, before going for that, let's know some general things that you should definitely know.

Is It Safe to Visit Kazakhstan?

Actually, no place in the world is 100% safe. You have to take precautions to avoid any kind of safety issue. Kazakhstan is a fairly safe country. Government and officials take care of the tourists coming to their country.

However, hickpocketing and handbag snatching are examples of petty crime that frequently occur, especially in metropolitan areas. One of Central Asia's cities with the highest rates of street crime is Almaty. Also, they go for public transit, particularly buses.

Especially in Almaty, Astana, and Atyrau, incidents frequently happen at nighttime as visitors are leaving pubs and nightclubs. Therefore, one should be cautious while visiting Kazakhstan.

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Kazakhstan?

Indian nationals can now enter Kazakhstan without a visa according to a new policy implemented by the Kazakh government. This visa-free stay in Kazakhstan is valid for up to 14 days. The maximum length of the visitor's visa-free stay, it was further specified, is 42 days within every 180 days.

7-Days Kazakhstan Itinerary

Here is your 7-Days Kazakhstan Itinerary that you can follow to make the most of your Kazakhstan trip.

Day 01 : Arrive at Almaty : See Kok Tobe

Day 02 : Explore Almaty city

Day 03 : Kolsai lake 1 and 2 & Sat evening at Sati

Day 04 : Visit Kandai lake. Head to canyon and drive to Zharkent

Day 05 : Altyn Amyl national park

Day 06 : Drive to Almaty with a Dip in the beach

Day 07 : Head to Shambhulak by morning, cable car and shopping in the evening

Day 08 : Fly out

Now, Let's discuss one-week Kazakhstan Itinerary in detail.

Day 01 : Arrive at Almaty : See Kok Tobe

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On Day 1, reach Almaty by taking an afternoon flight from Delhi. After reaching Almaty, check in the hostel, take some rest.

After refreshing, head to Kok-Tobe, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Almaty. Enjoy the beautiful sunset, take pictures, try local cuisines.

What is Kok Tobe?

kok tobe almaty

Being a well-liked destination for tourists and residents alike, Kok-Tobe Hill (also known as Kok-Tube) is located in Almaty. 

On the southeast fringe of Almaty, a beautiful mountain that is 1130 metres above sea level and a tower of 1,219 ft height called Almaty Tower is found there.

A tiny amusement park, different monuments, a plethora of observation platforms, and the Almaty TV Tower are just a couple of the attractions of Kok-Tobe, which translates to "Blue Hill." To get to the summit, there is a route that is open to both automobiles and foot traffic.

What is Kok Tobe Famous For?

With the help of Georgian engineers, the cable car that ascends to the peak of Kok Tobe was planned and constructed, making it the first of its type in Central Asia. Almaty Tower was the third-tallest tower in the world when it was built. 

It continues to hold the record for being the world's highest free-standing tubular steel construction. Apart from its height, the tower is notable for its seismic resilience; it can survive earthquakes with a Richter rating of 8.0. 

In Kok-Tobe, there are also gift shops where you may get the ideal memento of Kazakhstan.

Day 02 : Explore Almaty city

One-Week Kazakhstan Itinerary, 7-days Kazakhstan Itinerary

One Day 2, after having breakfast, visit the closest lake, Big Almaty lake. Enjoy the amazing views of the surrounding.

Big Almaty Lake

One-Week Kazakhstan Itinerary, 7-days Kazakhstan Itinerary

Great Almaty Lake, which is located outside of Kazakhstan's main city, joins the ranks of magnificent. The peculiar turquoise colour of this mountain lake and the surrounding landscape make it among the most breathtakingly strange sights in the nation.

More than 8,000 feet above sea level, Great Almaty Lake is a natural reservoir that is surrounded by three peaks that rise above the canyon and is located in the Ili Alatau mountains. 

Depending on the season, the hue fluctuates, but September and the first few weeks of October are when you may find the most stunning and vibrant turquoise. The melted snow gives the lake a more creamy blue tint in the spring.

By afternoon, return to the city and start exploring Green bazaar, a very famous market of the country. Buy gifts, try street foods, etc there.

Exploring Green Bazaar

The Rahat Chocolate Factory is near to the Green Bazaar, which is the most well-known bazaar in Kazakhstan, and is situated in the heart of the Almaty city.

One of the most orderly and clean marketplaces in Central Asia, Green Bazar came into existence in the 1970s, and a new concrete addition took the place of this market in 2016.

Foodies may spend an entire afternoon here savouring the trying variety of meat and dairy products produced in Kazakhstan. You can buy the very tasty chocolates for your loved ones.

By 5 PM, head to hotel, take some rest, and pack for night drive to Sati, a very popular village located near Kolsai lakes.

Day 03 : Kolsai Lake 1 and 2 & Sat evening at Sati


After reaching Sati, take a quick nap, refresh and then head to kolsai lake 1 and Kolsai 2. Keep your camera on, take the most beautiful pictures while heading to the lake.

Kolsai Lake 1 and Kolsai Lake 2

One of Kazakhstan's most stunning locations is Kolsai Lakes. The altitudes of these lakes are 1800, and 2250 metres above sea level. Its extraordinary array of rare flora and animals, as well as their distinctive mountain watershed made up of three different natural zones, set them apart. 

The Kolsai Lakes, which are 300 kilometres from Almaty city, are regarded as the crown jewel of the Northern Tien-Shan.

Kolsai Lakes' surroundings are excellent for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, and camping. The closest settlement, Saty, is 320 kilometres from Almaty.

There are few guest rooms on the lakes' coastlines that are always willing to take in visitors who want to relax by the lakes' crystal-clear water, which reflects distant mountain peaks and slopes.

By evening, return to homestays. Play games with Kazakhstan groups. Talk with Locals, and get to know them better.

Day 04 : Visit Kandai lake. Head to canyon and drive to Zharkent

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On Day 4, visit Kandai lake at morning, and return by afternoon.

Visiting Kandai Lake

The lovely lake of Kandai is one of the gorgeous locations that make Almaty Province even more beautiful. Inside Kolsai Kolderi National Park is where this amazing lake is situated. 

You will see so many Spruce trees that line all four sides of the lake. It definitely adds beauty to the Kandai Lake. Since the surrounding is so stunning, it can provide you so many instagramable pictures location.

In the summer, the weather is cold around Kaindy Lake despite the moist climate of the Almaty Province. Wear warm clothing and cosy shoes before visiting this lake.

After lunch, head to the Charyn Canyon. After getting there, walk down on Charyn Canyon’s river bed, spend some time there.

Exploring Charyn Canyon

The Chanyn Canyon, which runs 154 km along the Charyn River, is a section of the Chanyn Canyon National Park. The unique forms and colours of Chanyn's red sandstone, which range from dark orange to light brown, were carved by wind, water, and sand over the course of over 12 million years. 

The Valley of Castles, the Temirlik Canyon, the Yellow Canyon, the Red Canyon, and the Bestamak Canyon are the five distinct canyons that make up the Chanyn Canyon.

Camping, hiking, safari and horse riding are some of the very popular activities that you should definitely experience there.

When camping within that canyon, you should avoid setting up your camp too near to the cliffs' edges since the darkness alone makes it dangerous enough for you to slip and fall.

By 3 PM,  start heading to Zharkent. You will witness the real backcountry lifestyle in a small kazak town there. Stay in Zharkent.

Day 05 : Altyn Amyl National Park

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After having breakfast, check out from hotel, and head to singing Dunes. Enjoy the nature's amazing creation.

Exploring Altyn Amyl National Park

In the valley of the Ili river in Kazakhstan's borders, there is a national park called Altyn-Emel. The Singing Barchan Dune, a rare natural phenomena, is the most famous of the park's several distinctive natural and historical artefacts.

A historical landmark and legacy left by the vast nomads of the Central Asian steppes is Bes-Shatir, a collection of Saco mounds, which is located nearby. 

The National Park Altyn-Emel was proposed as a nominee for the UNESCO World Heritage Site because it is not only the biggest and most well-known natural reserve in Kazakhstan, but also a priceless and significant part of Kazakh culture.

After exploring the Altyn Amyl national park, return to the hotel. Stay in Zharkent for the night.

Day 06 : Drive to Almaty with a Dip in the Beach

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On Day 6, Head to Almaty at morning, take a quick stop at Kapchagay Enroute Almaty, Enjoy Kapchagay Beach View.

Enjoying Kapchagay Beach View

East of Kapchagay city, the Kapchagay reservoir extends for more than 100 kilometres which is formed by a dam on the Ili River. Sand beaches may be found all the way around the lake. 

Nonetheless, the beach of Kapchagay city is home to the majority of resorts that provide a place to stay as well as a pool, bar, beach chairs, and umbrellas.

The lake is shallow, so you have to wade through it for a time before you can swim. It is perfect for children.

Also, the beach offers stunning views, especially at sunrise and sunset. You should never miss out on this breathtaking views.

By evening, reach the Almaty, check in the hotel, and relax for the night.

Day 07 : Head to Shambhulak by morning, cable car and shopping in the evening.

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Visit Shambhulak Ski Resort, take the Gandola, and return to hotels by evening.

Shymbulak Ski Resort

Shymbulak ski resort is undoubtedly at the top of the list of Almaty's numerous fantastic sights to see. The largest ski resort in Central Asia, Shymbulak is one of the most popular Almaty tourist destinations all year round. 

The surrounding mountains of Almaty are breathtakingly beautiful. They may reach heights of over 4000 metres in certain locations, and they are always covered in snow. 

In Almaty, it may go well above 30 degrees. The Shymbulak ski resort's gondola vehicles carry you up to the summit. During your ascent of the mountain, you cross a dam, hiking trails, and an exquisite mountain stream.

As you climb higher, the crystal-clear water of the mountain stream flows over boulders and laps at the banks before passing the renowned ski rink.

After refreshing at the hotel, check out the hotels and go out for experiencing nightlife and shopping.

Shopping at the Evening

Kazakhstan's capital and largest city, Almaty, is renowned as the nation's business and cultural hub. One of the greatest locations to shop in the world is undoubtedly Almaty, a cosmopolitan city that offers its visitors a broad variety of stores filled with high-quality goods.

If you are truly obsessed with shopping for luxury goods in Almaty, you must go to Esentai Mall, one of several newest malls with 160 stores carrying prestigious luxury brands from over the world. 

Moreover, the Silk Way Center is a trading hub that is situated in the middle of the city.

If you are an aesthete or an art and craft freak then you should definitely get handcrafted carpets from Bukhara Carpets to add originality and creativity to your homes.

Further, the initial private galleries to open following Kazakhstan's independence is Tengrai Unai Gallery. Enjoy and explore Almaty's small-town shopping for a fulfilling experience.

Day 08 : Fly out

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On Day 8, its time to say good bye to the wonderful city of Almaty. By the 11 AM, check out from the hostel and book your flight to return.

Final Words - One-Week Kazakhstan Itinerary

In conclusion, a 7-Days Kazakhstan itinerary offers an incredible opportunity to explore the rich cultural heritage and natural wonders of this fascinating country. Whether you're a history buff, an adventure seeker, or simply looking for a new and exciting destination, this one-week Kazakhstan itinerary has something for everyone.

Now, you have got an idea what to add to your bucket list. It's time to book the best tours to Kazakhstan from India. We also have a best tour package for you based on the above 7-Days Kazakhstan Itinerary.

FAQs - 7-Days Kazakhstan Itinerary

1.What are the most popular tourist attractions in Kazakhstan ?

Kok Tobe, Big Almaty Lake, Green Bazaar, Kolsai Lake, Kandai Lake, Chanyn Canyon, Altyn Amyl National Park, Kapchagay Beach View and Shymbulak are some of the best and the most popular tourist attractions without which a trip to Kazakhstan is incomplete.

2.How many days are enough to visit Kazakhstan ?

If you want to deep delve into the history, culture and the vibe of Kazakhstan, then a duration of one week is sufficiently enough for you. However, investing another week in this beautiful country is also totally worth your extremely precious time and money.

3.Is Indian food available in Kazakhstan ?

Like every other country in the world, there are ample, in fact plenty of restaurants available in Kazakhstan from where you can choose your favourite Indian cuisine. Restaurants like Tandoor, Spice Mantra and Namaste serve the best Indian food in the city of Almaty.

4.Which month is best to visit Kazakhstan ?

Kazakhstan is a country with extreme weather conditions. Therefore, a mild weather season would be the best to visit Kazakhstan. The best months to visit Kazakhstan are April-May or September to October as the weather is pleasant during these months.

5.Is it cheap to travel to Kazakhstan ?

Compared to trips to the Western countries, Kazakhstan, like any other Asian country, is relatively cheap when it comes to travel.

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