Hornbill Festival

14th June 2024

Shotput Competition at Hornbill Festival: Join the Thrilling Athletic Challenge (2023)

Want to know about Shotput Competition at Hornbill Festival? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

The Hornbill Festival is a vibrant celebration of the rich cultural heritage of the Nagas, a colorful tribe in Northeast India. It is a grand annual event held in the first week of December in Kohima, the capital city of Nagaland.

Amidst the traditional dances, folk songs, and tribal rituals, one event that stands out for its raw power and athleticism is the Shotput Competition.

The Origin of Shotput Competition

The history of Shotput can be traced back to ancient Greece, where it was part of the original Olympic Games. Initially, stones were used, and later, metal balls came into play. In modern times, the Shotput has evolved into a well-defined track and field event.

The Significance of Shotput in Hornbill Festival

The inclusion of the Shotput in the Hornbill Festival highlights the importance of sports in the lives of the Naga people. It symbolizes strength, unity, and the spirit of competition.

The event attracts participants from various parts of Nagaland, each eager to showcase their prowess in throwing the heavy metal ball.

Preparing for the Shotput Competition

Athletes participating in the Shotput Competition undergo rigorous preparation to excel in the event. Physical training is vital to build the necessary strength and technique.

Alongside, mental preparation is equally crucial to overcome nerves and perform under pressure.

Understanding the rules and regulations governing the competition is also an essential aspect of the preparation process.

The Thrilling Day of the Shotput Competition

The day of the Shotput Competition is filled with excitement and anticipation. The venue is adorned with colorful decorations, and the participants gather early in the morning.

The enthusiasm among the athletes is palpable, as they warm up and make their final preparations. Spectators, too, flock to the venue, eager to witness the spectacle.

Techniques and Strategies in Shotput

Shotput involves two primary techniques: the glide technique and the spin technique. The glide technique requires the athlete to push the ball forward while moving across the circle.

On the other hand, the spin technique involves a rotational movement before releasing the shot.

Mastering these techniques requires dedication and practice, and athletes often engage in various shotput drills to improve their performance.

Shotput Records and Achievements

Over the years, the Shotput Competition in the Hornbill Festival has seen remarkable performances. Previous champions are celebrated, and their records are a source of inspiration for aspiring athletes.

Additionally, some participants have gone on to break national and international records, bringing pride to the Naga community.

The Spirit of Sportsmanship

While the competition is fierce, the essence of sportsmanship is emphasized throughout the event. Athletes are encouraged to display fair play and respect their competitors.

The Shotput Competition becomes not only a test of strength but also a celebration of camaraderie among participants.

Evolution of Shotput in Hornbill Festival

The Shotput Competition has evolved significantly over the years. What started as a local event has now gained recognition and attracts participants from neighboring states and beyond.

The competition has become a platform for athletes to showcase their talent and for the Nagas to display their passion for sports.

Impact on Local Community and Culture

The Shotput Competition has a profound impact on the local community and culture. It fosters a sense of unity and pride among the Nagas, promoting their indigenous sports and traditions.

The event also boosts tourism, as visitors from different parts of the country come to experience the unique cultural extravaganza.

Future Prospects and Growth of the Event

With each passing year, the popularity of the Shotput Competition in the Hornbill Festival continues to grow. As the event gains more recognition, it is expected to attract larger audiences and even more talented athletes.

This will further elevate the status of the Hornbill Festival as a major sporting and cultural event in India.


The Shotput Competition in the Hornbill Festival is much more than a mere sports event; it is a celebration of Naga culture, strength, and unity.

The passion and enthusiasm displayed by both participants and spectators make it a memorable experience for all.

As the event continues to evolve and grow, it will undoubtedly remain an integral part of the Hornbill Festival, preserving the essence of Naga heritage.


Are there any specific rules for the Shotput Competition in the Hornbill Festival?

Yes, the Shotput Competition follows standard rules and regulations, as set by the organizing committee.

How is the winner determined in the Shotput Competition?

The participant who throws the shot the farthest is declared the winner.

Can women participate in the Shotput Competition?

Absolutely! The competition is open to both men and women athletes.

Is the Shotput Competition limited to participants from Nagaland only?

No, athletes from across India are welcome to participate in the event.

How can I witness the Shotput Competition in the Hornbill Festival?

To witness the thrilling Shotput Competition, you can attend the Hornbill Festival held in Kohima in early December.

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