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21st April 2024

10 Best Things to Do in Jerash: Uncover Ancient Wonders (2023)

If you are looking for the best things to do in Jerash, we’ve got you covered in this blog post.

From our past experience of leading group trips here, we’ve explored the nooks and crannies of this captivating destination, uncovering the most exciting and must-see activities. 

From our last visit to this place, we learned that Jerash is not just an archaeological site frozen in time; it’s a vibrant and living city that offers an immersive experience like no other. 

Let’s embark on this extraordinary journey together and unlock the secrets of this captivating city.

5 Facts About Jerash

1. Jerash is an ancient city located in Jordan, known for its remarkably preserved Roman ruins.

2. The city boasts an impressive and well-preserved amphitheater, which was capable of seating over 6,000 spectators.

3. Jerash was once a prosperous trading hub in the Roman Empire, with its main street lined with colonnades and adorned with temples, fountains, and markets.

4. The Arch of Hadrian, an iconic Roman triumphal arch, stands as a prominent landmark in Jerash, symbolizing the city’s rich history.

5. Visitors to Jerash can witness vibrant cultural events, such as the Jerash Festival, featuring music, dance, and theatrical performances amidst the ancient ruins.

Best Things to Do in Jerash

1. The North Theatre

Nestled in a vibrant corner of the city, the North Theatre stands as a testament to artistic expression. Its grand facade, adorned with intricate carvings, draws the eye and whispers of stories that unfold within its walls.

As one steps through the threshold, a world of captivating performances unfolds. The air hums with anticipation as the curtain rises, revealing a stage bathed in mesmerizing lights.

Echoes of laughter, applause, and poignant dialogues reverberate, reaching the hearts of those seated in velvet-covered chairs. The North Theatre is an immersive sanctuary where imagination takes flight, forging connections between performers and enraptured audiences.

  • Location: Situated in the heart of a bustling city, the North Theatre stands majestically on the corner of Elm Street and Maple Avenue
  • Famous For: The North Theatre is renowned for its captivating performances and vibrant productions.

2. King Abdullah I Mosque

Rising majestically amidst the city’s skyline, the King Abdullah I Mosque is an architectural marvel and a symbol of spiritual devotion. Its elegant minarets, reaching for the heavens, punctuate the sky with grace and humility.

The mosque’s intricate domes, adorned with intricate geometric patterns, exude a sense of serenity and reverence. Inside, the cavernous prayer hall invites worshippers with soft carpets and gentle lighting, fostering an atmosphere of tranquility.

The air is imbued with the scent of incense and whispered prayers, as believers find solace and connection in their devotion. The King Abdullah I Mosque stands as a beacon of faith, inviting all to seek solace and embrace unity.

  • Location: Nestled amidst the serene surroundings of a picturesque neighborhood, the King Abdullah I Mosque graces the landscape with its grandeur.
  • Famous For: It is known for its serene ambience and the spirituality it evokes in all who enter its hallowed halls.

3. Jerash Temple of Artemis

The Jerash Temple of Artemis, a majestic archaeological site in Jordan, stands as a testament to the ancient Greek and Roman influence in the region. Dedicated to the goddess Artemis, this monumental temple exhibits intricate architectural details and grandeur.

Visitors can marvel at the towering columns, ornate carvings, and remnants of ancient rituals. The site’s historical significance and awe-inspiring beauty make it a must-visit for history enthusiasts and those seeking to immerse themselves in the rich heritage of the region.

  • Location: Jerash, Jordan
  • Famous For: Ancient Greek and Roman influence, majestic temple architecture

4. Hippodrome

The Hippodrome of Jerash is an ancient Roman chariot racing arena that showcases the grandeur and spectacle of sporting events in the bygone era.

This vast open-air venue, with its seating galleries and central track, once witnessed thrilling chariot races, athletic contests, and other forms of entertainment.

Visitors can envision the excitement and adrenaline of the ancient spectators while exploring the well-preserved ruins. The Hippodrome offers a glimpse into the vibrant social and cultural life of Jerash, making it a captivating attraction for history buffs and those curious about the ancient sporting traditions.

  • Location: Jerash, Jordan
  • Famous For: Ancient Roman chariot racing arena, entertainment events

5. Oval Forum

The Oval Forum of Jerash, also known as the Oval Plaza, is a central gathering place within the ancient city.

Surrounded by colonnades and adorned with statues and fountains, this elliptical-shaped public space served as a hub for political, social, and commercial activities in its prime.

The Oval Forum’s architectural elegance and strategic location make it an architectural marvel and a focal point for visitors.

Exploring the remnants of the forum allows one to visualize the vibrant daily life and interactions that once took place within its grand precincts.

  • Location: Jerash, Jordan
  • Famous For: Central gathering place, political and commercial activities

6. Hadrian’s Arch

Hadrian’s Arch is an iconic Roman triumphal arch located in Jerash, Jordan. Built to honor Emperor Hadrian’s visit to the city, this monumental structure stands as a symbol of power and architectural mastery.

Its intricate details, including decorative reliefs and inscriptions, reflect the grandeur of Roman design. Hadrian’s Arch serves as a gateway to the ancient city and acts as a link between Jerash’s past and present.

Visitors can walk through the arch and immerse themselves in the historical ambiance while contemplating the rich heritage of this remarkable site.

  • Location: Jerash, Jordan
  • Famous For: Roman triumphal arch, symbol of power and architecture

7. Nymphaeum

The Nymphaeum of Jerash, a captivating ancient water shrine, showcases the mastery of Roman hydraulic engineering. This ornate structure, adorned with intricate carvings and sculptures, served as a fountain and a gathering place for social and religious ceremonies.

Visitors can admire the well-preserved facade, the remains of water channels, and the intricate details that reflect the importance of water in the ancient city’s daily life.

The Nymphaeum offers a glimpse into the ingenuity of Roman architecture and the significance of water in ancient culture, making it a fascinating site to explore.

  • Location: Jerash, Jordan
  • Famous For: Ancient water shrine, Roman hydraulic engineering

8. Jerash Archaeological Museum

The Jerash Archaeological Museum, nestled within the ancient city’s ruins, is a treasure trove of artifacts that shed light on Jerash’s rich history. The museum houses an extensive collection of sculptures, mosaics, pottery, and other archaeological finds, spanning thousands of years.

Visitors can delve into the region’s past as they wander through the exhibits, which provide insights into the daily life, artistry, and cultural practices of the ancient inhabitants.

The Jerash Archaeological Museum serves as a window into the past, allowing visitors to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the city’s remarkable heritage.

  • Location: Jerash, Jordan
  • Famous For: Extensive collection of artifacts, insights into ancient life

9. South Theater

The South Theater of Jerash is a well-preserved Roman amphitheater that served as a venue for various performances and gatherings. This remarkable structure, with its tiered seating and acoustically refined design, could accommodate thousands of spectators.

Today, visitors can witness the theater’s grandeur and imagine the vibrant performances that once took place on its stage. The South Theater remains a hub of cultural events, hosting concerts, theatrical productions, and other performances that continue to breathe life into this ancient venue.

  • Location: Jerash, Jordan
  • Famous For: Well-preserved Roman amphitheater, cultural performances

10. Jerash Visitors Center

The Jerash Visitors Center welcomes guests to the enchanting world of the ancient city. This modern facility provides comprehensive information about Jerash’s history, archaeological sites, and cultural significance.

Visitors can gather insights from interactive displays, watch informative videos, and consult knowledgeable staff who can guide them through the city’s highlights.

The Visitors Center serves as an excellent starting point for exploring Jerash, offering orientation and contextual understanding of the remarkable heritage that awaits. It also provides amenities such as restrooms, a gift shop, and a café, ensuring a comfortable and informative visit for all.

  • Location: Jerash, Jordan
  • Famous For: Comprehensive information hub, orientation to the ancient city

How to Get to Jerash

1. By Road

To reach Jerash by road, you can take a taxi, hire a private car, or rent a vehicle from Amman, the capital city of Jordan. The most common route is to drive north from Amman along the Jordan Valley Highway (Route 35) until you reach the city of Jerash.

2. By Train

Currently, there is no direct train service to Jerash. However, you can take a train from Amman to the nearby town of Al-Mafraq, which is approximately 20 kilometers away from Jerash. From Al-Mafraq, you can then hire a taxi or take a local bus to reach Jerash.

3. By Air

The nearest international airport to Jerash is Queen Alia International Airport (AMM) in Amman. After arriving at the airport, you can take a taxi or arrange a private transfer to Jerash. The airport offers a range of transportation options, including car rental services and airport taxis.

Where to Stay in Jerash

1. Jerash Inn Boutique Hotel: Situated in close proximity to the Jerash archaeological site, Jerash Inn Boutique Hotel offers a comfortable and convenient stay for visitors. The hotel features well-appointed rooms, a restaurant serving delicious local and international cuisine, and a rooftop terrace with panoramic views.

2. Olive Branch Hotel: Nestled amidst lush olive groves, Olive Branch Hotel provides a tranquil retreat away from the bustling city. The hotel offers spacious rooms with modern amenities, a restaurant serving Mediterranean and Middle Eastern delicacies, and a swimming pool for relaxation.

3. The House Boutique Suites: Located in the heart of Jerash, The House Boutique Suites provides a blend of comfort and elegance. The hotel offers luxurious suites equipped with contemporary amenities, a restaurant serving gourmet cuisine, and a rooftop terrace with stunning views of the city.

Where to Eat in Jerash

1. Green Valley Restaurant:  Located near the ancient ruins of Jerash, Green Valley Restaurant offers a delightful dining experience with a scenic view. This family-friendly eatery serves a variety of traditional Jordanian dishes, including Mansaf, grilled meats, and flavorful mezze platters.

2. Lebanese House Restaurant: Situated in the heart of Jerash, Lebanese House Restaurant is renowned for its authentic Lebanese cuisine. From savory grilled kebabs to mouthwatering mezze and delectable desserts, the menu offers a wide range of flavorful options.

3. Al-Makhani Restaurant: Al-Makhani Restaurant, located in the vicinity of Jerash, specializes in traditional Jordanian and Levantine cuisine. The menu features a variety of dishes, including flavorful Jordanian stews, succulent grilled meats, and freshly baked bread.

Travel Tips & Suggestions

  • Plan your visit during spring or autumn for pleasant weather and fewer crowds.
  • Wear comfortable shoes as there is a lot of walking involved in exploring the archaeological site.
  • Carry a hat, sunscreen, and plenty of water to stay hydrated during your visit.
  • Hire a local guide to gain deeper insights into the history and significance of the ruins.
  • Don’t miss the opportunity to attend cultural events and festivals that take place in Jerash.

Conclusion – Things to do in Jerash

In conclusion, Jerash, the ancient city located in Jordan, offers a captivating and immersive experience like no other. From exploring the remarkably preserved Roman ruins and witnessing vibrant cultural events to strolling through Rainbow Street’s lively atmosphere and indulging in a comprehensive retail experience at Al Abdali Mall, this destination has something for everyone.

With its architectural marvels, such as the Jerash Temple of Artemis and the Oval Forum, visitors can step back in time and envision the vibrant daily life of the city. From the grandeur of Hadrian’s Arch to the ancient sporting traditions at the Hippodrome, Jerash showcases the rich heritage and awe-inspiring beauty of the region.

Whether you’re interested in history, or culture, or simply seeking a remarkable journey, Jerash will unlock the secrets of this captivating city, leaving you craving for more.

FAQs – Things to do in Jerash

What are the Best Things to Do in Jerash?

Jerash is home to several must-see attractions that will transport you to ancient times. Don’t miss the remarkably preserved Roman ruins, where you can explore the Jerash Temple of Artemis with its intricate architectural details. The Oval Forum, with its colonnades and statues, is a central gathering place that offers a glimpse into daily life in ancient Jerash. And of course, you can’t miss the iconic Hadrian’s Arch, symbolizing the city’s rich history.

Are there any vibrant cultural events in Jerash?

Absolutely! Jerash is known for its vibrant cultural events. The Jerash Festival is a highlight, featuring music, dance, and theatrical performances amidst the ancient ruins. It’s a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich heritage and traditions of the region. Keep an eye out for other cultural events and festivals that take place throughout the year, adding a touch of liveliness and excitement to your visit.

What are the best places to shop and dine in Jerash?

When it comes to shopping and dining, Rainbow Street is a must-visit. It’s a vibrant hub with an eclectic mix of cafes, restaurants, and shops, offering a lively atmosphere and delicious cuisine. For a modern shopping experience, head to Al Abdali Mall, where you’ll find high-end boutiques, international brands, and entertainment facilities. And don’t forget to try the local restaurants like Green Valley Restaurant and Lebanese House Restaurant for an authentic taste of Jordanian cuisine.

How can I get to Jerash?

Getting to Jerash is easy. You can take a taxi or rent a car from Amman, the capital city of Jordan, and drive north along the Jordan Valley Highway (Route 35) for approximately 45 minutes. If you prefer public transportation, you can take a train from Amman to Al-Mafraq, which is about 20 kilometers away from Jerash, and then hire a taxi or take a local bus to reach your destination. The nearest international airport is Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, where you can arrange a taxi or private transfer to Jerash.

What is the best time to visit Jerash?

Spring and autumn are the best seasons to visit Jerash. The weather during these times is pleasant, with mild temperatures ideal for exploring the archaeological sites and enjoying outdoor activities. Summer can be quite hot, while winter months may bring cooler temperatures and occasional rainfall. By visiting in spring or autumn, you’ll have the advantage of fewer crowds, allowing you to fully appreciate the beauty and serenity of this ancient city.
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