Tanah Lot Temple A Complete Visitor's Guide to Tanah Lot Temple in Bali (2023)

25th February 2024

A Complete Visitor’s Guide to Tanah Lot Temple in Bali (2023)

Have you ever dreamt of immersing yourself in the magic of an ancient temple nestled along the stunning coast of Bali? I recently had the opportunity to visit Tanah Lot Temple, and I must say, it was an experience that left me in awe.

Allow me to take you on a journey through my unforgettable visit to this mystical place, as I share the breathtaking views, the captivating history and legends, and the best timings to ensure an extraordinary experience.

From the moment I set foot on Bali’s shores, I knew that visiting Tanah Lot Temple was a must. This iconic sea temple, perched on a rocky islet off the western coast of Bali, holds a special place in the hearts of the Balinese people.

The combination of its natural beauty, cultural significance, and spiritual aura make it a destination that truly captures the essence of Bali.

Overview of Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple
A complete visitor’s guide to tanah lot temple in bali (2023) 1 tanah lot temple

As I approached this Temple, I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by its enchanting presence.

Located in the Tabanan regency of Bali, this temple is part of a series of seven sea temples that dot the southwest coast of the island.

Each temple is strategically positioned within sight of the next, creating a spiritual and protective chain around Bali.

Importance and Significance of Tanah Lot Temple

The temple holds immense importance for the Balinese people. It is a place of worship and pilgrimage, dedicated to the sea gods and believed to safeguard Bali from evil spirits and natural disasters.

Its cultural and spiritual significance has even earned it a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage tentative list.

History and Legends Surrounding Tanah Lot Temple

As I delved into the history of Tanah Lot Temple, I discovered a tapestry of captivating legends. According to local folklore, the temple was built in the 16th century by the revered Hindu priest Dang Hyang Nirartha.

As the story goes, he arrived on Bali’s shores and was captivated by the rocky formation where the temple now stands.

Inspired by its beauty, he decided to meditate there and asked the local fishermen to construct a shrine. The temple stands as a testament to his spiritual journey and devotion.

Architecture and Design of Tanah Lot Temple

Stepping foot onto the temple grounds, I was immediately struck by the intricate architecture and design. The Balinese craftsmanship and attention to detail were evident in every element of the temple.

The tiered roofs, adorned with ornate carvings, added to the temple’s grandeur. What amazed me the most was how the temple seemed to float on the ocean during high tide, creating a sight that was both awe-inspiring and humbling.

Exploring the Surroundings of Tanah Lot Temple

As I ventured beyond the temple itself, I discovered that Tanah Lot offers so much more than meets the eye. The surroundings are a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered.

1. The Beautiful Sunset

The Beautiful Sunset Bali
A complete visitor’s guide to tanah lot temple in bali (2023) 2 tanah lot temple

One of the highlights of visiting Tanah Lot Temple is witnessing the breathtaking sunset. As the sun gently descends into the horizon, the temple and its surroundings are bathed in a warm golden glow. It’s a truly magical sight that will leave you speechless.

2. Pura Batu Bolong

Pura Batu Bolong
A complete visitor’s guide to tanah lot temple in bali (2023) 3 tanah lot temple

Adjacent to Tanah Lot Temple is another gem, Pura Batu Bolong. This sea temple is perched on a cliff and offers panoramic views of the coastline. Walking across the stone bridge that connects the two temples is an adventure in itself, offering a unique perspective of the temple complex.

3. Cultural Performances

A complete visitor’s guide to tanah lot temple in bali (2023) 4 tanah lot temple

To immerse yourself fully in the Balinese culture, make sure to catch one of the traditional dance performances held at Tanah Lot Temple during sunset. The graceful movements and vibrant costumes transport you to a world of ancient legends and traditions.

4. Souvenir Shops and Local Markets

Souvenir Shops and Local Markets Bali
A complete visitor’s guide to tanah lot temple in bali (2023) 5 tanah lot temple

As I strolled through the temple complex, I couldn’t resist exploring the souvenir shops and local markets. Here, you can find a plethora of handicrafts, clothing, and jewelry, all showcasing the rich artistic heritage of Bali.

It’s the perfect opportunity to take home a piece of Bali’s magic.

5. Indulging in Traditional Balinese Food

Traditional Balinese Food
A complete visitor’s guide to tanah lot temple in bali (2023) 6 tanah lot temple

No visit to Tanah Lot Temple is complete without savoring the flavors of Balinese cuisine. I delighted in the aromatic spices and unique flavors of dishes such as Nasi Goreng (fried rice), Babi Guling (roast suckling pig), and the freshest seafood caught from the surrounding waters.

The local eateries near the temple offer an authentic culinary experience that will tantalize your taste buds.

Best Time to Visit Tanah Lot Temple

To ensure an unforgettable experience at Tanah Lot Temple, timing is everything. Here are the best times to make the most of your visit:

1. Sunrise Visits

If you crave a serene and less crowded experience, I highly recommend visiting Tanah Lot Temple at sunrise.

As the first rays of sunlight illuminate the surroundings, the temple emerges from the darkness, creating a breathtaking scene that will stay with you forever.

2. Sunset Visits

For a romantic and awe-inspiring experience, witnessing the sunset at Tanah Lot Temple is a must.

As the sun sets on the horizon, the sky transforms into a canvas of vibrant colors, providing the perfect backdrop for the temple’s silhouette against the ocean. It’s a sight that will take your breath away.

Tips for a Memorable Visit to Tanah Lot Temple

To ensure your visit to Tanah Lot Temple is truly memorable, keep the following tips in mind:

1. Dress Code and Etiquette

Dress Code and Etiquette Bali
A complete visitor’s guide to tanah lot temple in bali (2023) 7 tanah lot temple

When entering the temple grounds, remember to dress respectfully. It’s advisable to cover your shoulders and knees as a sign of respect. Additionally, maintaining a respectful demeanor and following any instructions given by the temple staff are essential.

2. Weather Considerations

Tanah Lot Temple
A complete visitor’s guide to tanah lot temple in bali (2023) 8 tanah lot temple

Bali’s weather can be unpredictable, so it’s a good idea to check the forecast before your visit to Tanah Lot Temple. During the rainy season, carrying an umbrella or raincoat will come in handy. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen and stay hydrated, especially during the hot summer months.

3. Photography Tips

Photography Tips Bali
A complete visitor’s guide to tanah lot temple in bali (2023) 9 tanah lot temple

Capture the enchanting beauty of Tanah Lot Temple with stunning photographs. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your photography experience:

  • Position yourself to include the temple and the ocean in your frame for a more dramatic composition.
  • Experiment with different angles and perspectives to capture unique shots.
  • Take advantage of the golden hour, which occurs an hour after sunrise or before sunset, for soft and warm lighting.
  • Always seek permission before taking someone’s photograph, respecting their privacy and cultural norms.

4. Safety Precautions

Prioritize your safety during your visit to Tanah Lot Temple by following these precautions:

  • Pay attention to signs and warnings to avoid any restricted areas.
  • Exercise caution when walking on uneven surfaces or slippery rocks.
  • Keep a close eye on your belongings to prevent loss or theft.

5. Nearby Attractions

While Tanah Lot Temple is undoubtedly the main attraction, there are other nearby places worth exploring. Consider visiting the nearby Taman Ayun Temple, Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest, or taking a stroll along the picturesque Echo Beach.


As I reflect on my unforgettable journey to Tanah Lot Temple, I am filled with a sense of wonder and gratitude. The ethereal beauty, rich history, and spiritual ambiance of this ancient sea temple make it a destination unlike any other.

Whether you choose to witness the mesmerizing sunset or embrace the tranquility of sunrise, Tanah Lot Temple will leave an indelible mark on your soul. So, pack your camera, respect the traditions, and embark on a journey of discovery at Tanah Lot Temple.


Is Tanah Lot Temple accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes, Tanah Lot Temple is accessible for people with disabilities. The temple has made improvements to its infrastructure to ensure easier access for visitors with mobility challenges. However, it’s important to note that certain areas may have uneven terrain or steps.

Are there any accommodations near Tanah Lot Temple?

Yes, there are several accommodations available near Tanah Lot Temple, ranging from luxury resorts to budget-friendly guesthouses. Some popular options include Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort, Kedungu Surf Camp, and Hotel Tugu Bali. Prices for accommodations near Tanah Lot Temple start at approximately 2000 INR per night.

Can I bring my children to Tanah Lot Temple?

Yes, children can visit Tanah Lot Temple. It’s a family-friendly destination, and children will enjoy exploring the temple complex and its surroundings. However, parents should ensure that their children follow the dress code and safety guidelines.

Are there any entry fees for visiting Tanah Lot Temple?

Yes, there is an entry fee to visit Tanah Lot Temple. The fees contribute to the maintenance and preservation of the temple complex. The entry fee for Tanah Lot Temple is approximately 500 INR per person. Please note that prices may vary, so it’s advisable to check the current rates before your visit.

What is the best way to reach Tanah Lot Temple?

Tanah Lot Temple is located approximately 20 kilometers from Denpasar, the capital city of Bali. The most convenient way to reach the temple is by hiring a taxi or a private car. Alternatively, you can join a guided tour that includes transportation to and from the temple.

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