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Ahoy ,

As I sit in this hotel room in Nagaland, I get goosebumps thinking back to all of the incredible events that have occurred on our trips this year. I presume you received the letter during the last week of the year and I hope you have a wonderful 2020, of course. Happiness is my desire for you in 2020, the state of fulfilment.

However, we all know, anticipating a year with just ups and no down isn't really that simple or practical. It's going to be a fight. Some meaningless and some hugely important. Some of that would tear your spirit, and a few that graze the skin and heal quickly. All I want is that you never beat yourself about the trivial ones. They mean to you of course, and because I know you, they are also important to me.

Even if you come across people who are going through more than what you are, it's not shameful and ungrateful to feel your lesser battle. You may laugh, be sarcastic about them, be serious about them. Anything you need. And with you, at-least through phrases in posts and chats, I'll be there.

And for the deep hardships, the spirit shattering ones, I would like you to find the courage to seek help. Help with what you experience, help with the things you should be doing, help with situations that you don't really realise that you should be doing . You don't even have to know what you really want or precisely know how you feel to dial my number or of your friends. Come fragile.-Come shattered. Come upset. Come puzzled. . Come without answers. You probably won't get answers from me all the time. But what I can do every time, without fail, is to bear your burden. Together we can start figuring it out. I am good at this, ask the ones who are closer to me :).

Or otherwise, we could stay with the gravity of the situation until it becomes less intimidating.

We can get some drinks and even coffee, laugh over some trip memories. This is the gift I want my trips to deliver. The companion's gift

There are going to be disappointments. You're going to be disappointed by yourself. You will be hurt by other people .Disappointment is like armpits , Everyone has it, no one likes it, and everyone tries to hide it. Please be nice to you when you're upset. Note that you're the only one who listens to your inner voice. Don't let the negative thoughts take the stage. I hope those types of inner voice should come to a halt this year and you will begin to say sweet, optimistic, compassionate stuff about yourself.

Even if others displease you, remember that they also find it difficult in contexts that we may never thoroughly know or care.

You can be out of jail even in the most ripped-throat strategy game ever invented : Monopoly (which is also a game I've added to our trips). So hold a stack of such cards around and subtly give them to all those you value and are deserve a pass on letting you down, including me! And if they aren't deserving, this may be the year you're starting to let them go.

As for life's deceptions — love, career, and dreams— my desire for you is Empathy. First of all, note you're not alone. Even the most picture perfect couples households, and those with most impressive careers, lifestyles, Finances, and social lives are undergoing the same misery and confusion as you are, at times.

Then, secondly, You've taken yourself out of your comfort zone and that is why you have risen to where you are. Believe me, I understand. Don't think you have to hold it to yourself , even for a minute., be stoic and ashamed if sadness comes to you . I’m a buddy of yours. We will honour your wins and losses.

I pledge that I will never treat your real pain with some pop psychology quotation . I’ll let you just feel what you feel for as long as you need. No judgment.

Got a heavy heart ? I’m good at distracting and blabbering my numerous travel mishaps to even give you a temporary relief . Oh oh, and I can make incredible Dosas. And I'm going to, if you need that 🙂

I can write all this because I met you all. Because all I wrote to you in this letter is what you all have taught me. Because I, too, have been disappointed by life , big and small ,  sometimes all by myself and by others.

And for me, you guys were there. Your stories made me laugh, made my heart go pitter pitter, made me inspire and you guys went home, with stories to inspire others. You can't make Amazing Dosas, because that's my thing, and you know I like to have my thing! Yet, even through all of it, we had a ton of fun.

So, my friends, Happy New Year. Whatever it presents to you this year, We will be there for you and I know you will be there too. Thank you for being my greatest evangelist and for being an amazing tripper/ trekker.

See you soon in the mountains

Made with in the mountains | © 2023

Made with in the mountains | © 2023

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