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Umiam lake-best meghalaya group trips
Umiam lake sunset-best meghalaya group trips
Umiam lake afternoon-best meghalaya group trips

Every trip I plan and lead was born out of my own desire to explore the place in that particular way.

So this Meghalaya itinerary is made from scratch keeping in mind adventurers just like you. If you find all of this at one place , know that it's copied from here.

Lets start then

Enroute Shillong , we see the majestic Umiam Lake (Barapani) surrounded by sylvan hills . Today we will just get to know each other Tomorrow onwards the adventures of Meghalaya begins 🙂


The meaning of Meghalaya is Abode of Clouds and official language of Meghalaya is English.

Best meghalaya group trips meghalaya backpacking
Best meghalaya group trips meghalaya backpacking


Mawphlang sacred groves-best meghalaya group trips
David scott trail-best meghalaya group trips
David scott trail-best meghalaya group trips

David scott trail map

Horse cart trail meghalaya-best meghalaya group trips

Make no mistake , take not even a leaf from the forest from the sacred forest.

After a quick stroll, we will walk towards the David Scott trail- A 16km easy trek today from the beginning point will take us to Cherrapunjee.

Even some of the Best Meghalaya group tours out there doesn't organise this. I don't know why.

It's not even very difficult to plan unlike planing caving in Meghalaya.


On the way to nongriat-best meghalaya group trips
Nongriat double roots bridge-best meghalaya group trips
Rainbow waterfall-best meghalaya group trips
Nongriat double roots bridge-best meghalaya group trips

A 3000 step descend , that involves crossing a couple of suspension bridges.

We will take our time to sit and take in the beauty of living roots bridge and rivers.

We will have lunch and tea here at Nongriat and head back leisurely.

If you think the bridge is shaking . Know this -Its not you, it me .

An optional 1.5 hours trek is rainbow waterfall where we will take a dip and head back. Fancy some underwater photography ?


The villagers in mawsynram use grass to soundproof their hut from the deafening rainfall. Who would have thought.


Weisawdong-best meghalaya group trips
Nohkalikai falls-best meghalaya group trips
Nohkalikai falls-best meghalaya group trips
Best meghalaya group trips meghalaya backpacking
Nohkalikai falls-best meghalaya group trips

This 1115 feet waterfall has a story behind its name which need to be told then and there. Sloppy pitch huh ?

Keep reading, this itinerary doesn’t need a pitch.

Pro swimmers, Take your quick dry Tees and shorts with you today as we are taking a dip in the Weisawdong three-tier waterfall.

Today is a day to relax and do just sightseeing. People who missed rainbow falls dip can make it up today here if you are super comfortable in water. ( Not recommended for people who don't know swimming, in fact its a rule there that you cannot go in without life jacket )


Nohkalikai falls with a height of 1115 feet is the highest plunge type waterfall of India.


Caving group-mawmluh-best meghalaya group trips
Caving clothes-mawmluh-best meghalaya group trips
Mawmluh stalagmites-best meghalaya group trips
One in the orange jacket-mawmluh-best meghalaya group trips
Mawmluh cavers-best meghalaya group trips
Mawmluh cave-best meghalaya group trips

The cave’s 7kms contain of passages much of which are fine river passages of impressive proportions, calcite formations of various kinds, massive avens, few metres of belly crawl and few short climbs (Below 5metres) .

As intense as it might look, its not very physically challenging.

This cave will take 4 to 5 hrs to and fro.

To reach the cave Entrance one has to walk along a jungle trail of approx 30 -45mins to and back.

Caving in meghalaya is someting you should not miss , the tricky part is you cannot do this if there was rains in the past 3 days.

If you figured why, hit me up via the chat below.


It is india's longest natural cave, located in jaintia hills. It is known for its enormous trunk passage, the aircraft hangar.


Meghalaya river canyoning-best meghalaya group trips
Mawlyngbna river canyoning-best meghalaya group trips
Mawlyngbna river canyoning-best meghalaya group trips

Lets play Real life roadies now. One will have to wade through a waist deep water, approx 15 m waterfall abseiling, swimming across pools and climb over big boulders .

For anyone who is new to his sport, This is one the best canyons in and around Sohra. It takes about aprox 3 hrs from the start to end.

Whoever does this well, will get a special gift from me . Thaaliyaan thaliyaan.

If you spent about good 10 minutes googling most of the meghalaya tourist places , there is a good chance that you won't even hear about this river canyoning.


Mawryngkhang trek-best meghalaya group trips
Mawryngkhang trek-best meghalaya group trips
Camping in dawki-mawryngkhang trek-best meghalaya group trips
Kayaking in dawki-best meghalaya group trips
Kayaking in dawki-best meghalaya group trips

Today is the day you will feel that you are doing one of the best Meghalaya group trips out there.

If you somehow managed to do all the other things by yourself but today's evening is my trademark. We will be doing the bamboo trek and camping at dawki.

Your campsite will have canoe that you can take for a spin in dawki, volleyball court and campfire. Mind that the food served here will be simple.

I planned this one because this was not in any of the other Meghalaya tour package out there.

To be frank , i hate the word tour package itself, mainly because It feels too salesly. Don't you think?


Only 13% population here practices religions other than Christianity, Hinduism and Islam


Camping in dawki-best meghalaya group trips
Bangladesh view point- best meghalaya group trips
Dawki boating-best meghalaya group trips

Depart from Dawki after visiting the Bangladesh border view point from this skywalk.

Note: Pack some nice clothes for today as Shillong has a very vibrant nightlife and unique pubs.


Kayaking in dawki-best meghalaya group trips
Caving in meghalaya-best meghalaya group trips

Depart to Guwahati airport from hotel. Book any flight after 2 pm.

I will see you soon in the mountains 🙁

After this day, if you think this wasn't one of the best group trips you have taken or you could find a better meghalaya tour packages ,

I would honestly love to hear why ?

Read a few trip reviews here if you wanna get a feel of how it is to be in meghalaya with us 🙂

Note : People who are opting for Wari Chora, book the flight after 3 days


It is the only indian state that follows matrilineal system, where lineage and inheritance is traced through women.


Riya Mehta

I traveled to Meghalaya with Orange Jacket in Feb 2023 and it was one of the best decisions I made. The adventures and activities stepped outside cliche tourist spots; 8 days of unique experiences. River Canyoning and Caving, activities that are not very common, stood out particularly. The Living Roots Bridge, Blue Lagoon and Dawki provided unparalleled natural beauty. Plus, the food and stay was really good! This is definitely the best Meghalaya itinerary and trip out there. Laxman, our trip leader, made the entire experience seamless. He was more of a friend to everyone than a leader. He was extremely helpful during challenging treks and encouraged me in times when I felt like giving up. His contagious energy made not only our day adventures but also our evening and nighttime games and fun all the more special. I can’t wait to join another trip with him. This trip sparked personal growth. Being scared of steep descents, some parts of a few trails were challenging. However, I always found myself having someone there to help me. That, along with the encouragement everyone gave me, helped me fight my fear and I saw myself do things in the last few days that I was too scared to try on day 1. The sense of accomplishment I felt was unmatched. The people on this trip were amazing - getting to know everyone’s story, learning from them, joking with them. On the first day we were still trying to place names to faces but over just 8 days we formed a close bond.

This trip to Meghalaya exceeded my expectations and I will most definitely choose One in the Orange Jacket for future trips and treks.

Shreya somani - meghalaya
Shreya Somani

Never have I ever - met such an amazing group of strangers who felt like family and had a life-changing experience with them. Meghalaya wasn't magic just because of the destination, but a million other things played a part. The organization of the trip, the itinerary, the hierarchy of activities, maintaining of group dynamics, personal connections, etc etc etc and everything was just close to perfection thanks to our lovely and gorgeous Tasneem. The only thing not perfect about it was that it had to end! Well, all great experiences have got to end so you can go on the next trip (with One in the Orange Jacket, of course)!! All I wanted to do after my trip was book EVERY single trip they are doing. I know for a fact that all of them are unique itineraries and are going to give the best, most authentic and local feels. I cannot encourage you enough to go and build your own special memories with these bunch of people who are going to become your best friends because it's just the default way of how things work! Although even more importantly, you'll get a chance to find comforts and achievements in the most unfamiliar places that fills you up with soooo much energy and excitement, only to come back to your daily lives with so much more appreciation, gratitude and joy. And you get all this with a free best friends attached hahaa. Tasneem is the worlds most cute and adorable person who will never say no to anything you ask for unless you're asking to give up! She will stick with you till the end, pick up your things (pick you up if she can lol), and make you reach the finish line!! And once you do it, she'll be wayyy more excited and proud about it than even you yourself. It's just incredible to meet someone with so much love and giggles to give, and add to that, you can go on a trip with her anytime! I've not even had a chance to go on a trip or meet with Vyashakh yet and still it feels like I somehow know him and can totally ask for a favor at any time of the day, and he'll do his best to accommodate. More than the trip, please do not let go off the chance to meet such kind-hearted and high-spirited people. You'll have the most long-lasting laughs of your life with them and it'll leave you with a content smile every time you think about it.





Onwards : Before 11 am

Outwards : After 2pm

COST ( excluding 5% GST )

Rs. 31,500/Pax (Before Feb 5)

Rs. 32,500/Pax (Before Feb 5)


You are loosing Rs.500 by not referring this trip to your friend ( Refer to 2 friends who might join you & all of you gets Rs.500 off each while you book together )


Step 1 : Block the slot

You can block the slot by paying a token amount of 5000 INR for this trip either by UPI , credit card/ EMI or by Bank transfer.

Be Proud Of You. A Trip Is Gift To Self. When Was The Last Time You Gifted Yourself ?

Step 2 : Refer 2 people to get a Discount

You are loosing Rs.500 by not referring this trip to your friend ( Refer to 2 friends who might join you & all of you gets Rs.500 off each while you book together )


What are the Inclusions ?

1. Homestay/Lodging
2. Transportation : Guwahati airport to Guwahati airport
3. Accommodation : 7 Nights in hotels , 1 night camping
4. Breakfast Bed tea/ coffee with “Wake uuuuup guys” call from me
5. Permits
6. Local Transportation
7. A Trained Outdoor leader to keep you safe. I Promise 🙂

What are the Exclusions ?

1. Lunch and dinner
2. Any expenses due to deviation from itinerary
3. River canyoning 4. Wari Chora Costs ( On real terms ) 5. 5% GST

Can I do Regular Bank Transfer ?

Sure . Here are the bank details:) : once done , don’t forget to email us on : [email protected]


A/C HOLDER’S NAME: Orange Jacket Adventures LLP
A/c No : 169105000957
Account type : Current account

UPI : 9746721789.ibz@icici

Do you have A Cancellation Policy ?

1. Before 45 days of trip, there will be 25% cancellation charge.
2. Before 30 days and within 44 days of arrival, there will be 50% cancellation charge.
3. Before 15 days and within 29 days of arrival ,there will be 75% cancellation charge.
4. Within 14 days of trip there will be 100% cancellation charges. All this been said if you or me can find a replacement for the slot. I will be happy to refund the entire amount. 🙂

What Should You Bring ?

1. *Mandatory : Original ID Proof
2. Clothes : 1 Fleece jacket , 3 Synthetic / cotton pants ,4 Full sleeves tees/ Shirt , Sunhat
Shoes & socks: High ankle shoes or comfortable shoes that will hold throughout multi-day hikes , 4 cotton/ wool mix socks
3. Skin care essentials : Sunglasses ,Lip balm, Cold cream, Sunscreen lotion
4. Other accessories : LED Torch/ headlamps (If already bought), umbrella .

What is river canyoning?

River canyoning is an adventurous activity where you get to wade through water, abseil down waterfalls, swim across pools, and climb over boulders in a river canyon. It's like a real-life roadies experience!

Are meals included in the Meghalaya group tour?

All breakfasts are included in the Meghalaya group tour. We will be also eating delicious local cuisine one day. The reason we dont keep Lunch and dinner as part of our group trip is that people would want to order different dishes as per their preferences.

Is vegetarian food available in Meghalaya ?

Yes. Check out Orange roots restaurant in Chirapunjee. We have found such amazing vegetarian places through Meghalaya for you guys. Dont worry. If you are a non vegetarian, you are in for a treat anyway.

Are there any age restrictions for participating in specific activities on the Meghalaya group tour?

Yes. All our group trip are for people from 20-40. This isnt a hard rule but more like a vibe check.

Is there a specific fitness level required for participating in the Meghalaya group tour?

You should be decently active as this trip has a lot of activities. This been said, we also have had people who are not at all fit. Let’s just say they just had to breath really a lot more than others.

What is the average weather or climate during the scheduled dates of the Meghalaya group tour?

We like it without monsoon as we cannot do Caving if it rains for abvious safety reasons. The cave gets filled till the roof .

Can I request special dietary accommodations for meals during the Meghalaya group tour?

We will try as much as we can. We cant promise this in a state where even vegetarian food is difficult to find.

Can you provide references or testimonials from previous participants of the Meghalaya group tour?

Sure. Take a look here

Are there any discounts or special offers available for group bookings or returning customers?

Yes, if you are coming with 2 freinds we can give you a 1000rs off. Also if you are a repeated tripper with us, You will be getting vouchers for your next trips.

Are there any opportunities for interacting with local communities or engaging in sustainable and responsible tourism practices during the Meghalaya group tour?

I am so so glad you asked this. Do you know we also go to a local school to teach and donate. This makes our entire trippers super happy.

Can you provide information about the availability of internet or communication facilities during the Meghalaya group tour?

You will have internet all days except for the few hours we are in the cave and for the evening we are camping near the Dawki river.

Best Meghalaya Group Trips | One in The Orange Jacket
Best meghalaya group trips meghalaya backpacking

One of the best meghalaya group trips is a bold statement to make but we make it effortlessly. This trip is not just jam packed with meghalaya tourist places but we cover caving, river canyoning, hiking and camping in one single meghalaya tour package

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