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When she said no 3 times

We were almost reaching Tapovan when Jane ( name changed ) sat and started crying. I have seen her crying 2 days before at an earlier campsite but her friend said its something personal and she would deal it herself and we don’t have to interfere.

Now here we are , 40 mins away from Tapovan and on zig zag path on top of glacier with rocks falling all the time from the side. I understood that its something she might not want to share so I tried explaining her logic .

I pointed and showed her how far we have come already from the last campsite and in only 40 minutes we would reach the top .She agreed and we both started moving ahead . I turned back after about few minutes to see that she again sat on the next turn.

We both could see the loose rocks shooting right between us but it didn’tt bother her much or she didn’t notice it in between crying.I marched towards her and told her this is not happening , you are putting your safety and your friends safety at risk here. Your friend is waiting only for you behind you.

There is no choice here, but you have to move. Either keep walking or lets go down now itself. If you want to continue , don’t think but just look at my shoes and keep walking at the pace I am walking. We need to cover this risky patch right now.She nodded , just like last time and walked behind me .

Even though I really wanted to know the reason and help her but I had an insider info that it was a long personal story and that exact place was just not right place to sit and listen a story, chances are the next rock could just create another sad story right there.In another 5 minutes , she sat again .

This time I also sat , hopelessly and asked her friend to move ahead and not risk an injury from shooting stone .

I asked her: Tell me Jane , I want to know how can I help you. Just talk it out now please .

After about 10 seconds

she said : you can help me in this case vyshakh. You just can’t .

Me : I will try. Tell me please

She : I had a friend with whom I have been to mountains a lot of times and I feel that I should not go up without him. He Died a year before.It was the first time

I was clueless what to say . I have never been in such a situation before . There have been rescues , relationship issues , friendship issues and ego issues. I have solved all of that. But I just didn’t know the answer for this one .

I tried logic and anger, all that was left was the emotional try.Somehow It just came to me : Jane , if he was here, he would want you to complete this trek. It is upto you now . Even if its not for you , Do it for him .

That was the last time I saw her cry. We reached the top in another 15 mins .

We both didn’t speak about it afterwards . We just smiled at each other for the joy of finishing it .

A week later : I received a mail of 4 pages thanking for pushing her . The mail mainly explained the mental blocks she had before and how all of it is gone . Vanished.

Made with in the mountains | © 2023

Made with in the mountains | © 2023

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