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Wont let anything happen to you brother

We were at Kalpa, a small town on the way to Spiti valley when we decided to go for a walk after couple of sessions of mafia, 12 in the night. It is not unusual of us to step out at the night and take a walk on trips like this.

After a 20 minute hike, we sat on the road , with the full moon pouring it's light on the snow mountains and them sending it back.We sat there sharing stories and talking just about anything. We thought of doing a fun experiment while coming back. I made up pairs of trippers and asked the person in the front of the pair to blindfold themselves. The other half of the pair will direct the blindfolded one back to hotel without holding hands. Within seconds after we started, the trust game turned into a race.And let me tell you this, we weren't silent. I was now more worried that we might wake up locals at night and that would become a scene.

We switched the partners at mid point and now I am one with blindfold. A minute into it ,I could hear Swapnil shouting :KAHA JAANA HE ? ( Where to go ? )

I removed my blindfold to see swapnil running straight to a tree. I ran, along with baani, towards him , pulled him away, put our blindfold again and resumed. Note that we are moving while doing all these because you don't want other teams to overtake you.By this time , we couldn't stop laughing for a second for I know that baani is looking out for me and Saumya is looking out for Pawan but beside us , we have Swapnil, who is running all by himself with sheer confidence that his partner: Darshana is looking after his steps whereas it was only baani guiding both of us.

In another 5 seconds.Swapnil goes like : ARRE BAAT KARNA KYU BAND KIYA DARSHANA, KAHA JAANA HE :D.

I opened my eyes to see swapnil running straight where as the pair ahead has taken a turn. Had Swapnil kept going, he would have run into the jungle or would be sitting on top of tree .We stopped our race there and literally were rolling on our stomach on the road, laughing at how we all ended up almost crashing into a Parked car, tree and a turn.

@Swapnil Bhai, As long as I am around. Kuch nahi hone Doonga.

Wont let anything happen to you brother

Made with in the mountains | © 2023

Made with in the mountains | © 2023

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